Stop/ Argument between neighbors, 5 months the neighbor is not allowed to build the house

2024-02-02 23:00:00, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ Argument between neighbors, 5 months the neighbor is not allowed to build

In the show "Stop" on Tv Klan, the case of a citizen from Laçi, Kolë Pasha, whose house was damaged by the earthquake of November 26 and therefore ds4 (for reconstruction) from the Institute of Construction and the Municipality of Laç, was addressed. The citizen starts the works with this permit, but stops because the neighbor, Nikoll Pasha, has become an obstacle.

Journalist: This house was damaged by the earthquake of November 26 and for this reason the Municipality of Laçi, together with the Institute of Construction, have classified this house as uninhabitable. And therefore, according to the assessment it is ds4, for rebuilding. The fund was approved for the gentleman, where you benefited from 60 percent of it.

Kolë Pasha: 13 million ALL.

Journalist: In the meantime, when will the second installment be released?

Kolë Pasha : After the roof of the new house is done, they told me we will pass the rest.

Journalist: My question is, during this time, that is, from November 2019 until today, where did you live?

Kolë Pasha: I lived on rent, in the facilities I found.

Journalist : Until you build your apartment. During this time, did you benefit from rental vouchers?

Kolë Pasha: Until February 2022.

Journalist: Why was it interrupted then?

Kolë Pasha: I don't know then, they didn't give me any explanations .

Journalist: Because it is assumed that after 3 years, sir, with this 60 percent for the reconstruction of your apartment, it is assumed that you will have moved into the house, right?

Kolë Pasha: Exactly, we should have stabilized, but in fact it is not like that.

Reporter: Why didn't you enter the house?

Kolë Pasha: I did not enter the house for the reason that the neighbor became an obstacle for me to pass the work tools.

Kolë Pasha has not been allowed by the neighbor to build the house for 5 months. The latter gets in the way, since it is state property. They had strong arguments, ending up in the police.

Kolë Pasha turned to the Municipality, together with IMT and INUK was broken, but his neighbor raised the siege again. The citizen requests help from "Stop" for this case.

Journalist: So you, Kola, are telling me that the work on your house has stopped simply because of the neighbor, that you occupy the street?

Kole Pasha:  Yes.

Journalist: Now my question is, how is it possible at the moment that this is a state property, how does this gentleman occupy it?

Kolë Pasha: I don't know how he captured it.

Journalist: Now, I am impressed here, given that he has also put up this siege. The traces of a construction can now be seen here. What was this here?

Kolë Pasha: This was a building. Bathroom, outdoor bathroom.

Journalist: Was it with documentation?

Kolë Pasha: There is no documentation of any kind.

Journalist: But who demolished it?

Kolë Pasha:  INUK.

Journalist: What is your neighbor's name?

Kole Pasha:  Nikol Pasha.

Journalist: Should he set up the siege?

Kolë Pasha: Beyond this building that INUK demolished.

Journalist: If this can be done?

Kolë Pasha: Then the vehicle can enter. /tvclan

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