A little explanation about the affair in the incinerator of Fieri

2024-02-02 18:54:00, Denoncim CNA
A little explanation about the affair in the incinerator of Fieri
Fire incinerator

Deputy Luan Baçi briefly explained the affair in the Fier incinerator during his speech at the protest being held below the residence of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Baçi showed that in 2015 the Municipality of Fier declared an environmental emergency and built the incinerator in a corrupt manner.

He stated that initially the incinerator wanted to be built in Portëz, but after the residents' protests, it was decided to build it in Mbrostar.

Here again the municipality faced protests and in the end sent the incinerator to Kallm. The deputy denounced that despite having received 32 million euros, the incinerator is out of order and no energy is produced, but only waste is deposited.

"Did you hear what Arben Ahmetaj said? He said that the prime minister and Erion Veliaj are primarily responsible for corrupt affairs. Their corruption has entered every corner of Albania. Their corruption also begins there in Fier. We listened carefully to what he said about the Fieri incinerator. In one of his phrases, he said that for Fieri there was no environmental emergency. No, Mr. Ahmetaj! It was an environmental emergency, the municipal council announced it in 2015.

I was then a member of the municipal council and I know well how that incinerator was built, how it was decided to be built. In a corrupt way, it has been decided to build in Portëz, in a neighborhood of Fier, in a village near Fier. The residents strongly opposed him with protests, drowned the town hall and kicked him out of Porteza, but he stuck to Mbrostar.

After Mbrostari and the powerful protests, he fled and went to Kallm. Do you know what is done with the Fieri incinerator today? It is a building that cost 32 million euros, but is out of use. It doesn't work, its technology is over. Year after year, the mayor has promised that he will put it to work, but he deceives.

Do you know that today, the 6 municipalities of the district of Fier, Lushnja, Divjaka, Mallakatsra, Patosi, Roskoveci, Fieri deposit urban waste at the incinerator of Fier, but they do not pass for incineration, they do not pass for incineration, they do not produce energy as they promised. but they deposit them in giant pits around the incinerator where they poison underground and have a heavy and unbearable smell for the residents of Petova, Kallmi e Vogël, Kallmi i Maghe, Vëria i Vallkani. Well, this is the corruption of this government", declared Baçi./ CNA

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