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Do you remember the fight between the teachers in Vlora?/ The author of the aggression still teaches at that school and even "graduated"

2024-02-07 22:04:00, Denoncim CNA

Do you remember the fight between the teachers in Vlora?/ The author of the

On November 21, 2023, the investigative show "Stop" on TV Klan, broadcast a problem from the village of Kuç in Vlora. In the "Memo Meto" school on October 18, 2023 in the school premises, 2 teachers clashed not only verbally, but the situation also degenerated into physical violence.

Blerina Muça, the Bio-Chemistry teacher, said that she had an argument with a schoolmate, which according to her was recorded by the English teacher Irma Yzeiraj, who threatened her with the publication of the video. Afterwards, teacher Blerina said that she was constantly bullied and insulted by her colleague Irma for the fact that she wears optical glasses, is single, or accusing her of having intimate relationships with different people.

Blerina Muça: I came back to school this year and the first thing that started were the threats against me, with terrible bullying, hurting my moral side.

Question: What exactly was said?

Blerina Muça: "You went with the bus driver", "you are blind", "you are ugly", "God left you ugly", "you are single". The moment we went to the school yard, the lady came from behind me, grabbed my hair, shouting "I will drag you, I will tear you apart". This takes my optical glasses because I have 30% vision in one eye and it tries to break them. My glasses shattered.

An argument started in the transport van, went to the point that in the school premises, teacher Irma grabbed Blerina by her hair, breaking her glasses as well. During the conflict, students and the school principal were present.

Teacher Blerina: Give me the money for the glasses!

Teacher Irma: My, I will drag! I will break the phone!

Teacher Blerina: Are you going to break my phone? Do you fill me up?

Teacher Irma: Make a video!

Teacher Blerina: You did the same to me. After the broadcast, the Ministry of Education reacted by stating that it would act, after the prosecution clarified the incident. In the response of the Prosecution, it is stated that from the study of the material no elements of the criminal offense were found and the material was archived. "Warning for dismissal" measures were taken for both conflicted teachers.

Finally, teacher Irma Yzeiraj, has been involved in debates with parents of Memo Meto school students, since the latter have refused to enter the lesson, saying that they feel bullied.

Teacher Irma: How many students do not want to enter my class? We will count them and bring them to the class. We know, how many students do not want to enter my class. I want to know, how many students do not come to my class!

Headmistress: I put them in the lesson.

Teacher Irma: Is there a reason why they didn't want to?

Director: They also told me the reason.

Teacher Irma: They had some other reason, that I didn't teach with them anymore.

Headmistress: No, you didn't.

"Stop" talked to the psychologist who did the psycho-social assessment and she says that since she asked teachers, students and her performance at work is good, then she achieved sufficient results, which led to the final appointment of the English teacher.

Psychology: Then, I was based on a procedure, so I did a questionnaire with students, I did an evaluation by the school director, I did an interview, the observation and from the results that I got from all the instruments that I used , I found that the assessment I had to give to teacher Irma Yzeiraj was sufficient.

Journalist: Did you do a psycho-social assessment of the teacher?

Psychology: I did. This is the assessment I have made.

Journalist: Participation in a conflict and improper actions in the school premises, do not affect the assessment you make?

Psychology: We as psychologists evaluate eight areas, in which we are based and in terms of academic education, the teacher is good enough and the relationship with the students is good. So I could not fail these two components. Of course, that the teacher has also passed the commission, that she did the interview at the ZVA, that thus an assessment was made from both sides and it was done sufficiently./tvklan.al

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