Who is the owner of Tirana's incinerator?/ Illegal sales of shareholders

2024-02-06 21:40:00, Denoncim CNA

Who is the owner of Tirana's incinerator?/ Illegal sales of shareholders

Journalist Elvi Fundo has shown the illegal sales of the shareholders of the Tirana incinerator, which was seized by SPAK for the 110 million euro affair.

Fundo said on Adi Krasta's show that the shares were sold 3 times.

When the Tirana incinerator concession was granted, the 3 companies "Paul Wurth Italia", "Energy Recuperator" and "Integrated Energy" were shareholders.

6 months after signing the concession contract, he left and then the "Energy Recuperator" also left. Their shares were acquired by Klodian Zoto's "ITS" and "Integrated Energy", then Giuseppe Ciaffaglione was added as a shareholder.

Ciaffaglione has distributed the shares with conditional sale and "Franco Tosi Meccanica", "Icare Holding" and "Geogenix" have entered the Tirana incinerator. In the end, "Icare" of the Albanian Blerim Hoxha and Christophe Darbord has declared that it has withdrawn.

Fundo stated that all these movements are illegal, since there is a clause in the concession contract that forces the incinerator company to obtain permission from the Albanian government for the change of shareholders.

Excerpt from the statement:

According to official records and a document that came out yesterday, the Tirana incinerator has changed owners several times and this is another side of the legal violation in Albania. This is where the "Paul Wurth" company came first. The first document shows us that we have 3 companies, "Paul Wurth Italia", "Energy Recuperator" and "Integrated Energy" in the establishment of the contract in 2016. With this document, these gentlemen have received the 300 million euro concession contract, plus 128 million euros that they should invest.

After these people took it, the "Paul Wurth" company returned the shares to Klodian Zoto, "ITS" after 6 months. Then "Energy Recuperator" runs away and gives it to "ITS" and "Integrated Energy". At the beginning, the company had a condition, it had to have 300 million euros in circulation. "Paul Wurth" was taken, it was given as a name, the concession was taken, then it was removed.

In the end, Giuseppe Ciaffaglione became a shareholder, who bought it for 465,000 euros with a salary of 6,000 euros per month, and the boiler maker from Italy became the owner of a concession contract worth half a billion euros, which then with the spectacular work of the municipality goes and swells more.

Ciaffaglione on May 10, 2022 distributes the shares, again with 40% but a conditional sale. If in the first times there was no condition, here there is a condition. 3 companies appear, "Franco Tosi Meccanica", "Icare Holding" and "Geogenix", which remains with 20%. This contract has a clause that says 9 years. So for 9 years these companies had come to provide financing.

What is the violation of the law?

The shareholders were sold 3 times, you had to get permission from the Albanian government. Permission has not been granted, I have it officially confirmed because the daughter and not the mother should change the shareholders.

And at the end is the contract that shows who the real shareholders are. Martyrdom through Ciaffaglione is left 20%, and so on. One of the companies yesterday informed us that it had left the investment.

A document dated December 9, 2022 that the company runs in the US, Ethos, of Mr. Carlo Santos. The "Icare" company has a meeting on September 9, 2022, represented by Christophe Darbord and Blerim Hoxha. When I found this document, I entered the KKB and it turned out that these people had received the ARMO in Albania. The connection with the incinerator is that these people are 40% shareholders in the Tirana incinerator. They had brought a Russian company to Albania, Gunvor, they bought some oil deposits here. Mr. Hoxha reacted and said that we have no relationship, but Mr. Hoxha appears to have gone to the meeting as a representative.

They write a letter to the company in the USA, Ethos, where they ask for the 100 million euros on December 9. Carlos Santos was denounced by Belind Kelliçi two weeks ago, he was arrested in November. And incidentally, according to the claims of the "Icare" company, it withdrew in November or December because it could not provide the money. Entry and exit is illegal because the Albanian government had to give approval and it is a fraud because there was no money to make the investment./ CNA

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