The journalist denounces the scheme/ How builders are forced to pay Tirana's incinerator

2024-02-07 09:38:00, Denoncim CNA

The journalist denounces the scheme/ How builders are forced to pay

Journalist Elvi Fundo has denounced how state institutions have turned into servants of the Tirana incinerator company.

Fundo said in an interview with Adi Krastë that in October 2018, a cooperation contract was signed by the Municipal Police, the State Environmental Inspectorate and the Directorate of Public Works in Tirana Municipality with the Tirana incinerator company.

He stated that these institutions already force the builders to pay the incinerator of Tirana for the garbage.

The journalist indicated that a tax for the incinerator has been added to the builders, forcing them to pay 4 euros per 1 m³ of clean soil, while 8 euros per 1 m³ is paid for mixed soils.

Fundo stated that another scheme to collect money from builders is by raising drones. Builders who may have two construction sites are monitored by drones and are not allowed to move soil from one pit to another.

He emphasized that the municipal police forces the builders to empty the truck with soil to the Tirana incinerator where they have to pay, and to refill the truck there, again paying money.

Denunciation :

These talk about 60-70 million euros as if they were pebbles or gravel. This is the money given by the Albanian state, the incinerator has not been built, the shareholders have changed several times, there was no money. The story of the lands that do not speak begins.

I have a document, a cooperation agreement of the incinerator society of Tirana, signed by Giuseppe Ciaffaglione and the municipal police, Ermal Kapllani, Mr. Taulant Tusha and Evisjon Salku, inspector of the environment and tourism waters, Tirana. They signed a contract on October 15, 2018. What happened to this contract? What are these 130 million euros? What are these lies about? The government has given 60. Mireli came out and told us at Çim Peka, I left the 70 million euros there, you could have made 70 million grapes and plums, but you have to invest 128 million euros according to the contract and it turns out that you have changed the owners, that you have not you had the money and with the money of the Albanian state you made grapes and plums.

The journalist denounces the scheme/ How builders are forced to pay

According to this contract, the municipality, the Environment and all state institutions become servants of the incinerator company in Tirana. In Tirana, drones are raised and businesses are attacked in a criminal manner, which has not been discussed here. Drones are launched to follow the destination of the lands.

Many builders, under their breath, at the tables, tell them all, but they are afraid that they have taxes, they have building permits, but what does one of them, the leftist, tell me. It tells me that we pay cleaning tax, special school tax, infrastructure tax and a new tax has been imposed on us, the incinerator tax. He told me that 1 m³ of soil is bought for 4 euros m³, 1 m³ of mixed waste is 8 euros m³ and you have to take it there in line with your tools, with your costs, with your diesel, with your driver. While this cost increases the construction, it is paid by the citizen who buys the apartment.

It takes 10 m³, in approximately 6-7 years I know that Erion Veliaj has provided 5 million m³ of construction. If we calculate it with 10 euros, they say 10-15, but I am taking the minimum, it is around 50, it could be even more.

We must have the idea that these millions of euros that we are talking about one by one today are validated with the oldest valid exchange rates... So, it is about 50 million euros, which, according to the data I obtained from the Seized Property Administration Agency , what results? A company goes and does not pay the money, but gives a clearing, gives a villa, gives an apartment, gives an entrance. Now the agency comes and says, bujrum sir, pay the money. They say I gave them through clearing, these clearing are worth millions of euros. There are some who have accepted it, but many of them are withdrawing, they are saying, obobo how is this situation, that they are in trouble and will go to SPAK.

The journalist denounces the scheme/ How builders are forced to pay

Now, why should the builders pay this tax? Because it is a very simple logic. Mayor Veliaj and others say we are responsible for the waste that we remove, we remove the garbage and take it there, but, excuse me, these builders and these subjects, what are these soils? Because the question arises: Who did the study that the company should receive 4 thousand alleks, or 8 thousand alleks, 4 euros or 8 euros? How is the price of these lands determined? Who set this price? Who studied this market? I don't know if there was a cost analysis. This point is not included in the concession contract and the concession company has taken hundreds of thousands of m³ of state property and dumped large volumes of soil, which must be measured by experts, which today I find to be 5 times more than the amounts of land declared in the state with taxes. This means that the money bags have been big. The question is why is there an additional tax? Why was this put when it is not a clause in the contract?

Here is another case that is very glaring. The drones of the municipal police rose up and said why do you go by truck from point A to point B. Because there are builders who build two buildings at the same time and he took the good soil from point A and took it to point B. The police told him go to the incinerator , download once, pay the money there, then go and recharge with money. They have done it endlessly. They have done another thing, there are those who went and met Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtir and asked them how much I should pour for my pit because I have good soil and I need it there. 100 thousand euros, he said, give us 50, bring 5-10 trucks because we need them and the rest of the money is your profit and these were paid in bags./ CNA

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