They forged the brand of Kosovo Albanians in Norway/ The salon girls in Tirana are wanted

2024-02-21 21:47:00, Denoncim CNA

They forged the brand of Kosovo Albanians in Norway/ The salon girls in Tirana

Bazri and Fitore Kallundra, Kosovar Albanians and owners of the "FRK Beauty" brand, have registered this brand in Norway and Kosovo. It is about a business that deals with the training of trainees in the work of eyebrows and eyelashes. Fitore Kallundra has an international license and currently trains in Norway, Germany and Kosovo.

Fitorja and Bazriu tell "Stop" on TV Klan that the salon "Venus" in Tirana conducts trainings and issues certificates in the name of their brand, "FRK Beauty", without any kind of contact or agreement with them. With our infiltrators, we were interested in "Venus Salon" to get a certificate and from the two owner girls, we were told that their certificate is recognized and registered in Norway in the name of Fitore Kallundra.

They said that the certificate for eyelash training costs 250 euros, while the one for eyebrows costs 750 euros.

Venus Salon: The eyelash course lasts 10 days. It can be done up to 8 days maximum.

Infiltrated: What about the eyebrows?

Venus Salon: Eyebrows are 750 euros, lasts 4 days, includes cleaning, shaping, removal, professional coloring. I mean, everything is organized by the other girl.

Infiltrated: We live abroad, in Germany. My husband works as a barber. We opened our own little business there. But to do the papers, I need a certificate that is recognized.

Venus Salon: I see! Then the certificate we give is a participation certificate from "FRK Beauty". It is a Norwegian company. As a company, it is known everywhere in Europe. I don't know how you care. Both courses come with a certificate. Then it depends on who you choose, who interests you the most. Here's how it's done, what the certificate is like! This is a participating certificate. You can also click it online! It is a Norwegian company. This is the oyster certificate that has finished, it is in English. As a certificate, it is not given at all in Albanian...if this certificate of ours comes to work, it is okay. We do the registration, if you want, you can do 3 days of course or 1, as much as you want!

The infiltrator: How much did this cost?

Venus Salon: Now, the eyelash course costs 250 euros.

Fitore Kallundra explains that if this certificate is issued by non-professionals, there are great risks for clients. Damage caused by untrained people can lead to loss of vision, irritation, allergies, infection. Her training always begins with a theoretical explanation of the anatomy of the eye and skin.

With hidden cameras, the Kallundra couple went to "Venus Salon" to confront the two counterfeiters.

Initially, they admit that they do not have authorization for certificates in the name of "FRK Beauty" and Fitore Kallundra, and then they disappear from the salon.

Fitore Kallundra: I am Fitorja from FRK Beauty...

Venus Salon: Aaaa.., ok!

Fitore Kallundra: I came from Kosovo to see what you are doing here.

Venus Salon: I'll call you the other girl too..!

Fitore Kallundra: No, there is no need! Are you working here?

Bazri Kallundra: Who holds the trainings here?

Venus Salon: It's the other chick, who also has the studio. No, just tell me, what is it about?

Fitore Kallundra: I am Fitore Rexhepi Kallundra, FRK Beauty. I have come to ask you where those certificates with my name with my company name and stamp that many girls have sent me come from? Excuse me, who is the owner?

Venus Salon: Here comes the chick, to talk...

In comes the other girl, the owner of Venus Salon.

Owner, Venus Salon: Hello! How are you?

Bazri Kallundra: This is our company, our brand in Norway, as well as in Kosovo. How did you manage to become a distributor without having any contact with us?

Owner, Venus Salon: I have no contact with you, but I get the certificates from my economist...

Bazri Kallundra: What is her name?

The owner, Venus Salon: Life, that's it, I'm sorry, but I don't know the last name...

Bazri Kallundra: These, which you release, are criminal offences.

Owner, Venus Salon: Yes, they are not an official document.

Bazri Kallundra: These are not official. You used the first name, last name and brand. This is fake.

Owner, Venus Salon: Yes, I know, I got it, what's your name…

Fitore Kallundra: From "FRK Beauty", I am the only trainer in the whole world...

Owner, Venus Salon: I understand you are.

Fitore Kallundra: Me personally, that is, there is no distributor in Tirana, nor in Kosovo, except in Norway, in Kosovo we are...

Owner, Venus Salon: To be honest, it's a certificate of participation and that's why I didn't consider it...

Fitore Kallundra: Don't you consider that you use two identities?

Owner, Venus Salon: What two identities?

Fitore Kallundra: My name, the name of the company. You are satisfied, if we go with the law of Kosovo! If we go by Norwegian law, it is very different. Do you know that we found these forged certificates in your office?

Owner, Venus Salon: Absolutely! I'm not hiding them... it's not like I'm doing anything...

First, the girls admit that they do not have authorization for certificates in the name of "FRK Beauty" and Fitore Kallundra, and then they disappear from the salon.

Bazri Kallundra: FRK Beauty Tirana, forged certificate..

Venus Salon: I don't know, other chick, I thought about some collaboration.

Bazri Kallundra: I need your name, your last name?

Owner, Venus Salon: No, I don't want to leave anything out! I can't do it! Wait here, until…!

The reporter of "Stop" announced the economic crime, who found forged certificates inside the "Venus" salon. The two counterfeiters were declared wanted./tvklan.al

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