"I will melt you completely, I will make your life boring"/The tenant policeman subcontracts the citizen's property

2024-02-20 21:41:00, Denoncim CNA

"I will melt you completely, I will make your life boring"/The tenant

The Saliko family from Ksamil, consisting of parents and 4 daughters, leased their property, 90 m2 of land, for 10 years to a policeman from Saranda. The contract was concluded in 2020 in the name of the policeman's wife, Mirela Hasabegaj. The contract stated that the tenant could not sublet this property to third parties. The family said they would use the property for the summer season and invested in a construction with light construction for a restaurant, bar-café.

But after about a year, the Saliko family saw that Mirela was no longer working on their property. In a 2023 census, the Saliko family found that Mirela had leased their property to citizen Mariglen Saka, who also had a coffee bar in Saranda and worked with the NIPT. The family addressed the show "Stop" on TV Klan about this case.

Mariglen Saka: The bar is run in Ben's name, I just arranged with Ben, because he doesn't have the opportunities...

The owner Saliko: Yes, it is not possible, but it contradicts the contract we made with Ben. (Arben Hasanbegaj)

Mariglen Saka: Ore, you want to take it from Ben, talk to Ben! I gave the money, I get the money back. But I have no business with your accounts! Brother, if you have any plans, tell me now, so that I don't throw money here!

Owner Saliko: You don't have to throw away the money, because Ben and I will clarify it...!

The owner also had a clash with the policeman, Arben Hasanbegaj and his son.

Owner Saliko: Don't touch me! Don't touch me with your hand...!

Arben Hasanbegaj: Go, don't irritate me, because I will melt them completely and I will even go to prison...!

Owner Saliko: You will wear it in prison...! No no! He took the police, let the police come, accompany us...!

Arben Hasanbegaj's son: Don't put conditions on me, because I got you too...!

Owner Saliko: Come on, take me, come on, take me...!

Arben Hasanbegaj's son: You don't condition me! Me..., you are not afraid!

Owner Saliko: I'm not afraid of anyone...

Arben Hasanbegaj's son: My father gave it to me, your mother, don't bring me here..., I'm here, I'll make your life boring...!/tvklan.al

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