"He had a black chest, shoulder and eye"/5 minors brutally beat the 19-year-old with different abilities, the video ends on Tik Tok

2024-02-19 21:28:00, Denoncim CNA

"He had a black chest, shoulder and eye"/5 minors brutally beat the

A young mother with three children in Durrës denounces in "Stop" on TV Klan that her eldest son, 19 years old and with different abilities, was raped by 5 minors, who filmed and published the video on Tik Tok. According to the lady, the violence has been repeated several times. The mother describes the physical and psychological injuries her son suffered from the blows of the group of bullies.

Mother: This story is repeated about 2 times, 3 times. I have taken action, I have told the children that I have spoken to them. I've always told them that I'm sorry because my child suffers from a... how can I explain it to you, with disabilities and they always managed to bully my child in the neighborhood, even talking to him, they beat him many times. While this time it happened in the afternoon, they had found him alone in the neighborhood, with a younger friend, they had found him alone in the neighborhood and they had told him "this is holding him". They had put him in a very narrow alley as they had not given him room to move.

He had blackened chest, shoulder from being punched and kicked and eye area here. Staying on Saturday, it didn't show anything, it didn't come out that night, on Friday the child didn't come out of my room at all. I gave it to him to eat, he didn't even get there to eat, then on Saturday morning a friend brought me the video. He said to me, "ma'am, look what Kristi's mom found on Tik Tok, this has gone viral, it's open". It's normal that at that moment I didn't feel well./tvklan.al

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