Scandal at the Tufina cemetery, mass grave, children's remains in candy wrappers, adults in garbage bags

2024-02-23 22:09:00, Denoncim CNA

Scandal at the Tufina cemetery, mass grave, children's remains in candy

The Piranhas have started the new season with a strong investigation that should have an immediate reaction from the institutions. The Tufina cemetery hides a real nightmare, as in addition to the exhumation, the sale of the land twice, there is also a mass grave with the remains of babies.

Claude denounced on the show for journalist Eraldo Harlicaj that he could not find his brother's grave. 'I can't find my brother's grave. I did a lot of research but nothing. I can't find it, despite the information given to me by the people in charge of the cemetery.'

The piranhas together with Claude follow the entire search process, but in vain, as the grave is not found and it is not known what happened to it. Most likely there was an overlap of graves, as all the evidence points to something like that.

On the other hand, Claude has a suspicion that his brother's remains may have been moved to the children's mural. 'When they told me that they could be on the mural, I thought it was something positive, since there would be the bones, the name, the surname and the data. But it wasn't like that', he said.

Despite the fact that the hopes were small, we go to the children's mural. The sight we see is horror. A concrete canal with a length of about 40 meters appears before our eyes.

A lot of waste and no care is visible to the naked eye, but when we get closer we see that the concrete slabs are broken and the real scandal is inside this mass grave.

Many bones placed in transparent candy wrappers are thrown carelessly on top of each other. The sight is scary and it is worth mentioning that a good part of these helmets are open.

The children's names are written in pencil and in most cases very difficult to distinguish. However, this was not the end, as in another sector of this mass cemetery, skeletal remains of adults were found thrown in garbage bags.

Several dozen bodies were thrown into bags without the slightest care, while in one of the bags that were opened, the skeletal remains of a female person were clearly visible.

This lack of appreciation and respect for the dead led journalist Eraldo Harlicaj to demand an 'account' from the director of the Funeral Service Agency in the Municipality of Tirana, Raimonda Shino. The latter appeared quite proud of the murals. 'I am very proud of my work. I don't need to see the sights, as I know what I have in the Tufina cemetery. Our murals are models, we are proud of them', she said absurdly.

This was only the first part of the story, as the continuation of the Tufina cemetery scandal will continue the next week of the show.../ Syri tv

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