After 22 years of marriage, she loses her husband, the will throws the disabled woman on the street

2024-02-22 21:08:00, Denoncim CNA

After 22 years of marriage, she loses her husband, the will throws the disabled

The show "Stop" on Tv Klan went to unit no. 3 in Tirana with Mrs. Fiqirete Sakollari, who after the death of her husband, Xhafer, learned that he had left the house in Tirana and Vlora to his son from his first marriage.

Fiqiretja shows that she was married to Xhaferi for 22 years. On February 3, she was notified with a notarial notice that she must vacate the house. The will was drawn up in the office of notary Diana Kamberi, who told Fiqirete that the house does not belong to her as it was bought before marriage. Mrs. Sakollari is 66 years old, disabled and has nowhere to lay her head. "Stop" went to the office of notary Kamberi, who claims to have acted in accordance with the law.

Citizen: How was your day?

Diana Kamberi: Good! He has passed all of them to his son, because they are properties that he invested when he was not married to Fiqirete. He acquired the property in Tirana in 1996, when he was not married to Fiqireta and this property, despite Fiqiretja telling me that we did this later. I told you, at this point, the papers also talk about the Vlora property, we are talking about the year 2006, about the year..., well I said '96, that he bought this later. Is it invalid?

Citizen: Yes!

Diana Kamberi: Yes, she is not a class invalid, how can I tell you, that she is incapable of working. She can only look there, at that of Vlora. To the one in Vlora, because she says that despite the fact that she does not know how she made the papers, but we were present there, she says, when we made it as a house, which proves that they built it since the house was built when she it is unbuilt. No, he has the papers in advance, he has made the self-declaration.

Citizen: They didn't do it anymore in 2005-2006.

Diana Kamberi: Ah, I don't know about God! I don't know, I only know the letters I wrote, what he told me.

Citizen: That's why I came to ask if anything is beneficial, isn't this beneficial?

Diana Kamberi: It doesn't help you, I'm sorry. In every property, she has tied it, he has built it, when it was not with this it is also proven, that this one got married in 2002, which means before 2002, he put the properties.

Citizen: I care that she does not go out, because we have nowhere to take her, because she is beautiful.

Diana Kamberi: Shall I speak to you, to Fiqiretes, that I have no claims. I give up the trials, from everything and let him leave me, as long as I have life there.

Citizen: That's how they left the conversation, right from the beginning.

Diana Kamberi: Shall we leave it like that to close everything if I tell you? will you Do I make a contract with them?

Citizen: I want to talk to Fiqirete, bring her here.

Diana Kamberi: Tell me!

Citizen: She had come, she was interested in you./tvklan.al

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