Leka Bungo and Alfred Peza hide abuses in RTSH

2024-02-22 15:52:00, Denoncim CNA
Leka Bungo and Alfred Peza hide abuses in RTSH
Leka Bungo and Alfred Peza

Comrade Leka Bungo, the distinguished, talented, good, accomplished, wise pensioner who leads the Council of the Republic of Armenia, is embarrassed, upset and worried.

The man who has changed 3 directors, with the first one he got upset because he didn't give him enough fuel, with the second one he fired his driver, with the third one he is going through a period of love. He leaked the materials to the media and was proud that he put Thoma Gëllci in prison, he once clashed with Joti and now he has found comfort. "love in old age". May Leka's soul find peace and not be troubled by the scars of the past.

Maybe Mr. Bungo likes these "captured" loves.

We at CNA wish them "good luck" but we have sent two official documents, one addressed to the Steering Council of RTSH, Mr. Leka Bungo and Mr. Alfred Peza. Maybe we broke the peace and warmth that came to them after the RTSH festival went over 650 million. 

Leka Bungo and Alfred Peza hide abuses in RTSH
Leka Bungo and Alfred Peza

In both directions, the requests have a definition, how much are the funds and how was the Albanian money spent for the RTSH Festival and how much did this festival cost? The second question is how much are the broadcast rights payments, is this public television or not?

What did they have wrong in the attack? They jump from the battle, which has not yet caught them and a great surprise. Let's stick to the essence.

In the first case, from a complaint received by CNA, it is said that the festival cost over 650 million ALL, while a year ago it cost around 500 million ALL. The request was for about 730 million lek from Mr. Peza, the Council of Leka Bungo has approved 650 million, after several "negotiations".

Leka Bungo and Alfred Peza hide abuses in RTSH
Albanian Radio Television

On the other hand, according to another information, it is said that the broadcasting rights that RTSH has are not paid but stolen and stolen 24 hours a day. And this when a public media does it, which receives millions of euros from the taxes of Albanians and openly the law it has ended. 

State theft officially by RTSH with the knowledge of Leka Bungo and Alfred Peza.

These were our two doubts, which we did not report, but we sent an official letter to RTSH.

We sent the first letter to Leka Bungo, he didn't reply, we sent a letter to Alfred Peza, he didn't reply, we sent the second letter to Leka Bungo, he didn't reply, we sent the third letter to Leka Bungo, he didn't reply.

Alfred Peza gave us an answer that we published a few days ago where he says we do not give you information, because the Board has decided otherwise whether it is transparent or private, private business.

We made a letter where we said please give us information because it is not a private business, there are no business rights, but it is a public media paid by the taxes of the Albanians.

The fact that you do not give us this data and hide it raises suspicions that there are abuses.

Leka Bungo and Alfred Peza hide abuses in RTSH
Leka Bungo

As always, as happened to us with the stories of the incinerators, with Rama's thieving ministers and so on, instead of giving us answers about the documents, they attack the journalists, deal with slander and insults, but you don't care what they find methods to save, but some things with age are. 

When someone passes the age, they are forgiven that you will not listen to an old man one more time, on the contrary, he should be given the courage to continue breathing even though he is sick, even though he has problems, to have a life the longer, the longer he lives, but one problem is big. The mind is an essential thing, and in a public institution with the taxes of the Albanians, neither you, Leka Bungo, nor you, Mr. Alfred Peza, can do whatever you want. And abuses in cooperation are everywhere with those of Thoma Gëllçi. The facts and the evidence will start every day.

Leka Bungo and Alfred Peza hide abuses in RTSH
Alfred Peza

You can attack, insult journalists, insult them, do whatever you want. Ball guns. 

But we, as CNA, have asked them two questions, we are in trouble once again, and we are asking them publicly:

How much are the funds used for RTSH and how are the items used?

Since in our information, approximately more than 30% of the value of the total cost of RTSH has been added.

Second question: How much are Broadcasting Rights and does RTSH steal Broadcasting Rights? These are our two questions, you continue to insult, insult, slander without any problem, you can do it even over the age of 80 and under the age of 80. There is no concern from our side.

We will continue to direct our questions that you have above and the second , at the moment you do not give us an answer, we have all the reasonable doubts that there is a thief in cooperation, that the head of the Board in cooperation with the director do not give information about what is happening in RTSH, which would actually be 100% transparent on the official website of this television that is paid for by the taxes of Albanian citizens and by our taxes as journalists.

We, with all the epithets you give us,  only that you have a legal duty based on article 23 points 1 and 2 of the Constitution, based on the Law on the Right to Information to give us information and Mr. Alfred Peza knows it very well this, just as he should teach the veteran Leka Bungo, who with a scarf around his neck, at his age everything is forgiven and he is not old enough to go to prison, but who has the courage to face in SPAK with the abuses in RTSH and the thefts that are happening with all the doubts we have, may he have a good journey. There is no girl in vetting and Rilindja to protect you from collusion theft. One can spend the days with nightmares like before in Korça, the other just remembers the troubles when he got 1 billion for few to reflect, this is their business.

We are not dealing with those who have passed the vetting by paying millions, nor with those who have millionaires' wealth and have denied bread to their children, but we are demanding transparency from RTSH, which is legal and fair. The others will go on the road without stopping.

They promise that we will take the investigation to the end and we will not stop in the face of any attack, in the face of any intervention, until the truth is revealed, what happens to the funds paid by Albanians' taxes in RTSH, which are becoming grapes and plums by Alfred Peza in collaboration with Leka Bungo.

Collaborative crime is punished more than other crimes under the law. Let's hope that there is neither theft nor accomplices, so far we have hidden documents, panic and "love" between the two signs of men. WHY DANCE?/CNA 


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