Stop/ "They have damaged me economically, release the warehouse", the appeal for the expired goods of the Jordanian

2024-02-26 21:20:00, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ "They have damaged me economically, release the warehouse", the

Demir Betoja denounces on the show "Stop", on TV Klan, that his warehouse has been blocked for two years, because the tenant, a Jordanian citizen, had brought in expired goods that were blocked by AKU.

Betoja says that a few days after the goods were blocked, some people from AKU went to the warehouse with a garbage collection truck, but due to the lack of an inspector, the product was not taken and the warehouse has been locked for 2 years.

Demir Betoja: I've been renting a warehouse for some time, it's been 4 years. This one was taken from Jordan. But I had the contract for 2 years; before turning 2 years yet, an inspection came from AKU and they found it with expired goods and blocked it. I, too, waiting for what the state would do with them. I contacted the owners: "No we will come today, no we will come tomorrow", and they came to open the warehouse, to take the goods to seize. They came with the whole garbage truck that they were taking to take them to the impoundment and one didn't come, I don't know what they were, they left it, postponed it for another day. Wait they are coming, it has been a long time now, it has been 4 years since the warehouse has been closed.

Reporter: In the meantime, you have requests to lease this again… because that's why you made the warehouse.

Demir Betoja: Due to family needs, I was sentenced according to that. I am condemned, not the one who had it.

Journalist: Did you go to the AKU or the prosecutor's office? What do they tell you?

Demir Betoja: I went to AKU, I went 3-4 times. I went to the prosecutor's office, I went to the court, they say: "I don't have it".

Demir Betoja: What is wrong with me now, how do I know. They have damaged me economically, we live with this.

At AKU they tell us that they are not making any moves, since the case has gone to the prosecutor and the court. A decision of the judge Albert Mickaj decided that the expired goods should be kept in storage at the Betoja warehouse. On the other hand, the Jordanian citizen was given space to escape from Albania.

In the prosecutor's office of Tirana, we learned that the prosecutor who had the case fled the system due to vetting and the case is on appeal, since January 2023. The only injured party is the owner of the warehouse Demir Betoja, who has nothing to do with the case, but only calculates the financial damage of 8.5 million ALL.

Demir Betoja: I am asking the "Stop" show to release the warehouse and to compensate me for the damage that has been done to me for 2 years. / tvclan

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