Denunciation: The head of SHISH has ordered that secret information be passed on to Rama

2024-02-26 19:59:00, Denoncim CNA

Denunciation: The head of SHISH has ordered that secret information be passed on

The chairman of the DP, Sali Berisha, made a strong denunciation during his speech at the citizens' protest on "Mustafa Matohiti" street.

Berisha raised the claims that the head of SHISH, Vlora Hyseni, ordered that the secret information declared in the law-enforcement institutions should first be passed on to Prime Minister Edi Rama.

According to him, this secret information contains information about criminality, corruption, threatening acts, terrorism, etc.

He claimed that by passing the information to Rama, mechanisms are being made to control SHISH.

"My friends.

A month ago, Edi Rama issued an order in flagrant violation of the law of the National Information Service. The law obliges the service, the data that it collects in the course of work on criminality, on corruption, on threatening acts, on terrorism, etc., by law, it passes to the law enforcement institutions.

And a month ago, Vlora, which you understand better to be called by any other name and not Vlorë, got it after being dismissed from the Information Service in Kosovo, orders the directorates not to send any information anywhere else, but any information that they request the police, the prosecution or other institutions, send it once to the prime minister, to Engjëll Agaçi and then they pass it.

Isn't this a terrible police check? Is this not an illegal act? Isn't the return of SHISH a blind tool of Edi Rama?

Aren't these together mechanisms of a dictatorship that is based on crime and drugs?", stressed the chief democrat./ CNA

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