Holds a trial for the pension/ The judge, 7 months without clarifying the decision

2024-02-27 22:33:48, Denoncim CNA

Holds a trial for the pension/ The judge, 7 months without clarifying the

The next complaint in the show "Stop" on TV Klan, comes for judge Megi Strakosha, in the Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction Elbasan.

Sadik Karaj says that he had a problem with his pension and therefore sued ISSH for recognition of years of work. The court accepts the request-lawsuit, but since July 11, 2023 until today, the decision has not been disclosed.

Sadi Karaj: I haven't received my pension for four years. I worked at the Belsh Agricultural Enterprise, I started working in 1970, for about 3 years, then I left the army and started at the Elbasan Agricultural Enterprise, in Vreshtaj.

Journalist: And how many years of retirement did not work out for you?

Sadi Karaj: 8 years didn't work for me. 14 years were found in Social Security and the other years were not found, along with the workbook. I never found it.

Journalist: And for this reason, citizen Sadi Karaj turned to the Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction, where the lawsuit...

Sadi Karaj: I sued the Social Security to find the years of work.

Journalist: And the judge was?

Sadi Karaj: I knew the years of work in the Belsh enterprise, and in the Elbasan, Vreshtaj enterprise.

Journalist: So, in short, Mr. Sadik, was your claim accepted by this court?

Journalist: When did the trial take place?

Sadi Karaj: The trial took place on July 11, 2023.

Journalist: Today we are at the end of February 2024 and you still haven't done...

Sadi Karaj: Clarification of the decision.

The journalist of "Stop" informs the employees of the Court and the spokeswoman says that Judge Strakosha has taken maternity leave. However, after our communication, the judge announced the decision within the day.

Sadi Karaj: I congratulate you with all my soul, with all my heart, that you also made your intervention (to the journalist). / tvclan

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