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Soils, monstrous theft within the incinerator affair

2024-03-03 14:51:00, Denoncim CNA
Soils, monstrous theft within the incinerator affair
Landfill of Tirana

CNA recently published some figures regarding the balances declared by the Tirana landfill and incinerator concession company, which in the years 2021 and 2022 declared revenue of 25-30 million dollars.

Then, in 2023, when the sons of the incinerators with their "brains", Mirel Mërtiri and the enforcer Klodian Zoto were escaping, the numbers decreased.

But if you look at the numbers, you easily understand that about half of this amount was paid by the Albanian government, about 10 million dollars through the unconditional transfer of the Municipality of Tirana and the rest from the Municipality of Durrës and the smaller municipalities of these districts.

Soils, monstrous theft within the incinerator affair
Municipality of Tirana

The other amount was almost the same as what the state paid, and most of the turnover was made up of land and other services or other profits that the landfill brought, from recycling, selling paper, scrap, fertilizer, etc.

If the concession contract is analyzed in 30 years with the company's income, the declared turnover, those paid by the government, etc. It goes up to 1 billion euros, but let's stay on the ground.

Former deputy Belind Kelliçi, coordinator of the Democratic Party for Tirana, published several documents showing where the incinerators' money had gone.

So, to make the job easier for Dritan Prenc, SPAK prosecutor, who is leading the investigation into the capital's landfill, where the 128 million euro incinerator is missing.

On the other hand, the company has made a turnover in almost 10 years, since Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri started, of 180 million euros, received for Fier, Elbasan or Tirana.

Lands are another matter, lands are a key to finding at least where about half the money went.

According to the company's own documents and publications made a year ago, in April 2022, about 30 million euros had been invested. In fact, a document addressed to a company in the USA has been found, which says about 22 million euros.

Soils, monstrous theft within the incinerator affair
The document showing the investment of 22 million euros

There are loans, payments, expenses, but no one can justify the amount more than 130 million euros just for the non-existent landfill and incinerator in Tirana, and as we pointed out, half of this money is land and other services.

Deputy Belind Kelliçi issued a document showing how Klodian Zoto's "ITS" company had benefited from private properties, shops, apartments worth about 1 million euros simply and only because a private company had deposited the lands and instead of the money that should be declared in the state as a turnover for the landfill of Tirana, the "ITS" contracted by the concessionaire company provided properties.

So, the private entities that sent garbage gave real estate to "ITS". Subsequently, this scheme has been extended to other companies.

Some consider it a private-private relationship, but in fact this is part of the concession contract. For those who do not understand, including Mirel Mërtir, who knows everything and pretends not to know, but sends messages that this is a business relationship between two private individuals, they should understand one detail.

Soils, monstrous theft within the incinerator affair
The "brain" of the incinerators, Mirel Mërtiri

The concession contract includes several services. A main service is soils. There was a concession contract with the Municipality of Tirana for the lands.

They generated income amounts of tens of millions of euros and with this money should be maintained and invested in the incinerator of Tirana, plus 128 million euros that the company itself should have that it never had and this money should be declared as direct turnover and of the company, i.e. of the mother, of the servant, of the landfill company of Tirana, which have been subcontracted to divert such as the millions of euros given to "ITS" without performing any work, or the apartments, real estate received through the companies the third for the account of the landfill company of Tirana.

Soils, monstrous theft within the incinerator affair
The incinerator of Tirana

So for all those who say this is a private-private relationship, it is actually a private-private relationship under a government-private concession contract. And in this case the private has found schemes and ways to get money and benefits.

In addition to those famous bags that have been mentioned often, that have been taken to the media, or bags taken from businesses, there are also real estates, and this is the amount of money where 70 or 100 million euros went.

For those who want to understand, it is quite simple. In almost 6 years, 130 million euros were received from the company, 30 million were invested. Where did 100 million euros go? What were the salaries and expenses, the rest of the money they say has disappeared.

No, they have not disappeared, they are immovable properties, they are money given to third companies, they are money taken out of Albania, they are money for buying partnerships with the media, they are money spent on propaganda, they are money distributed for corruption, for purchases , this is the money.

Now, it is very easy for SPAK to find them. These immovable properties should be seized, the state should sell them, take them back to the offices, administer them themselves since it is his misused money, or is it the money of the concession contract, where the schemes were found private-private to generate millions of euros as real estate for the concessionaire company.

Therefore, the investigation to the end of the land issue, as part of the Tirana incinerator affair, will show an endless theft, hidden between private-private relationships or bags of money, for which there will soon be facts and evidence undisputed by anyone./ CNA

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