"I haven't bathed in a year"/ The call of the paralyzed 18-year-old who was abandoned by his parents

2024-02-29 21:13:00, Denoncim CNA

"I haven't bathed in a year"/ The call of the paralyzed

"Stop" was in the neighborhood "Visarjon Xhuvani" Elbasan, in the Buda family. Grigor Buda is the grandfather of 18-year-old Nino Buda, who is paralyzed.

For 4 years, the young man's parents have separated, who have created new families, leaving Nino with his grandparents.

"They have abandoned him, each has created his own family. I am the grandfather on my mother's side. By court, the child was given to the mother, whose name is Klodiana Buda, while the father, Saimir Ashiku. The father has another family, this other family. Both are from regular families and the child was abandoned, they left him with us", he said.

The grandfather tells, among other things, that Nino's father visits him from time to time, while the daughter recently no longer comes to see him because she is unable to support the boy.  

Grigori says that Nino hasn't bathed in a year, as he and his wife are old and can't get up.

"He took the child first and the child began to stay there with them. There it was on the 6th floor, they struggled to lift it and carry it. Because they treated the child badly, they beat him and he called his father on the phone. He told dad don't leave me here because I'm dying here. His father took it. He could not bear that the other one did not love him. He said where is his mother, why should I keep her", said the grandfather.

"My mother doesn't love me," said the 18-year-old.

The 18-year-old receives 250,000 Lek from Kemp and 150,000 Lek from his grandfather for custody. Grigori says that Nino's eyes were operated on, he has problems with his lungs and teeth, but no one cares for him.

"Our income as a family is 400 thousand Lek's pension, Kempi. Nino says my lungs hurt, my chest hurts, I took him there. Here are some needles for 5,000 lek apiece. 10 pieces of needles. What did the nurse who came here do to him? He has operated on his eyes for 1.5 million, diapers and all the things he loves. So... Other income is 200 thousand my pension and 95 thousand that my wife receives. We don't have problems with water and electricity because we are a family that we haven't paid for," said the grandfather.

The 18-year-old himself wanted to stay with his mother, but when he was with her, he ran away for a few days after she gave him up. Then he went to his father, whose wife refused to keep him, so he ended up with his grandparents.

Nino: My grandparents can't support me. I love them very much, and they love me very much, but they cannot hold me. I haven't washed in 1 year. With cloth, with towel. They have no power. My teeth are broken. I can't eat bread. No one takes me over. I can't breathe from my lungs. I want to settle down with my mom.

Journalist: I, as Stop, will make the effort, but if this part is impossible, where can we arrange Nino?

Nino: Where is the best for me, with any center.

The grandfather says that Nino's teeth have started to fall out, but the dentists in Elbasan have not taken care of him.

For the case of the 18-year-old abandoned by his parents, Nino Buda, "Stop" met Nino's mother, Klodiana Buda, with her new husband.

She says she is not capable of keeping the boy as she has mental health problems and could harm him. According to her, the son should go to a residential center.

Klodiana Buda: I protect the child from myself.

Journalist: Why? Because they told me that you violated him?

Klodiana Buda: Yes. I did not violate him. He raped me. He bit me. He told me all kinds of nonsense. I removed bad situation. I was sick. I used to take medicine by the fistful and now this is how I am.

Journalist: By court decision, you have custody of the child.

Klodiana Buda: The child is 18 years old, turning 19 in September. I have nowhere to take him. I created my life.

Journalist: Can't you keep it in your new family?

Klodiana Buda: I can't take it myself. I'm not capable.

Journalist: Your husband doesn't want it?

Klodiana Buda: I won't. And I'm not capable. The child wants yzmet, I am not capable of myself. I'm not because I've had a really bad time and I'm depressed and on medication. I can't because if something else happens, who takes over? You understand that I keep it from myself. I, who have come this far, protect him from myself in the first place. Why should I get there and hold him hostage? I, or he me.

Reporter: Your parents are powerless. Do you have information that Nino has not bathed for 1 year?

Klodiana Buda: I have gone as many times as they have asked me. They bother me, they misbehave.

Reporter: Do you have the option to keep it or not that he will stay with you.

Husband: No, no way.

"Stop" was interested in the Municipality of Elbasan, where the director Eltiona Kolla said that Elbasan does not have a residential center, but she will be interested in setting it up with the Social Service as soon as possible.

"Our city does not have a residential center. Elbasan is not the only one. We are lobbying and discussing and raising this issue even higher as in the relevant ministry. We will take immediate measures to contact the Elbasan Regional State Social Service to accommodate him in a residential care center in one of the cities that we will find space and there will be a place to accommodate him," she said.

With 5 employees of the Elbasan Municipality, "Stop" went to Nino's house, where the grandparents fill out the documentation and agree that the grandson will be settled in a residential center in Tirana./ tvklan

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