Erion Braçe or the “mosquito phenomenon”/ What messages is he conveying through the photos he publishes on social networks?

8 Shtator 2021, 20:25, English CNA
Erion Braçe or the “mosquito phenomenon”/ What messages is he

Erion Brace is not able to cope with the psychological burden, after leaving the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Maybe he thought he was born for that duty. Until recently, he ?sold? himself as an honest man and a great manager.

However, when he was tried in office, as administrator, ie as Deputy Prime Minister, it seems that he will be remembered for only a couple of things. He will probably be remembered for the quarrels he caused on social networks, behaving like a ?gangster?, using a vulgar vocabulary with citizens, similar to that of an ultras fan, and perhaps below the level of what belongs to Partizani club football.

These two things can be discussed to some extent. Braçe?s posts on social networks since the day he is no longer Deputy Prime Minister, claiming that he resigned, even though he was actually fired by Edi Rama, are really strange and meaningful at the same time.

In one case he published a photo reminiscent of the earthquake of November 26, 2019.

All Albanians know that did Erion Braçe didn?t have a contribute in the managing of that catastrophe. And especially those who live in Durrës. Braçe has been less present in the affected areas, than in matches of Partizani football team, which he often follows by insulting referees with a vulgar vocabulary.

There is a lot to be said about the photos and the meditations that accompany them. For example the picture with the sunset and an ATM in the background. What does it mean? The sunset of Braçe?s political career? Or the end of the benefits of some corrupt affair, like that of testing electricity or drinking water meters, when citizens are paying more for testing, than for the energy they consume?

One could say that it is also an ATM related scandal of expired pesticides coming from China. There are many explanations about pictures with ATMs and sunset. Erion Braçe may not have access to any other ATMs either.

But, let no one think that he doesn?t have access to the ATM of the monthly salary he spent as deputy prime minister. Because he will continue to receive it as an MP. This is a small meditation sent to our editorial office, regarding the photos of Erion Braçe published on social networks, after he left the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

In the coming days we will bring other publications on the ?greatest leader? of the Socialists, the only and unrepeatable of its kind, Erion Braçe. Or once known by Albanian newspapers as the ?mosquito phenomenon?./CNA.al

Erion Braçe ose “fenomeni mushkonja”/ Pesticidet e munguara dhe bankomati i sahatëve


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