The big winter between the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration

1 Shtator 2021, 09:47, English CNA

Whoever thought that the Democratic Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration were a ?happy couple?, or that they were creating a large family to come to power, was wrong. The parties have already ?gritted their teeth? and are ?biting? each other, for the losses and failures, for the defeats suffered in many districts in the April 25 elections.

The SMI has accused the DP of stealing votes and its dirty games, which maximized their votes, led to the loss of mandates for the SMI, and in the end brought the defeat of the opposition.

Despite the attacks on Prime Minister Edi Rama, senior SMI officials know that they will stand in opposition to the Prime Minister, but not in a strategy led by Lulzim Basha, as happened with the last elections, when the SMI suddenly distanced itself, when the parties didn?t run in a joint coalition, and when in the election campaign there were many problems.

In many counties, the result for both parties brought a huge electoral cost, which is thought to have been the main cause of the loss. This is due to the fact that in many regions the SMI mandates have been lost because the absence of very few votes.

So in Korça, Elbasan, Tirana, Vlora and elsewhere, the SMI could not get its mandates for a handful of votes, while the DP had several thousand votes on the last mandate it secured. Competing in a joint coalition would secure one more mandate to the united opposition, and the SMI one more mandate.

This would mean that Edi Rama wouldn?t be Prime Minister today, and the country would be governed by a broad opposition coalition led by DP and LSI. There have been and exist still today many tensions between PD and LSI. There is a lack of communication, a conflict, a clash.

The SMI holds Lulzim Basha responsible for the loss, while Lulzim Basha himself pointed the finger at Ilir Meta and his ?crazy? actions during the election campaign, which he called an incalculable cost, which damaged the image of to the opposition and consequently denied him victory in the elections.

Two days ago, the Democratic Party closed the process of choosing the new structures, without any big news, without any innovations. It is now expected that the SMI will do the same things, after the removal of some well-known figures.

Then we will see what will happen between the two strong opposition allies, who are going to the new Parliament divided to oppose Edi Rama. But the division is not simple and only between DP and LSI. Because there is a division even between the deputies of small parties, who have started to ?wink? at Edi Rama, since they have been in opposition for many years./ CNA.al

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