The interceptions - Albanian politicians part of the mafia clan “Ndrageta”?/ At what point have stalled the SPAK investigations

19 Gusht 2021, 14:51, English CNA
The interceptions - Albanian politicians part of the mafia clan

Earlier this year, Italian police carried out a mega-operation, during which they arrested a very large group of people, part of the Italian mafia clan ?Ndrangheta?. At that time, the Italian media reported that among the persons involved in the investigation were also two Albanians, while in the uncovered wiretaps, Albania was mentioned in many cases.

The key name in the wiretaps was that of Antonio Gallo, also known as ?Prince?, who has opened a store in the area of the former Bloc in Tirana. In interceptions, this person and his 3 partners talked about the possibility of investing in Tirana, especially in the construction business.

Also, intercepted were Calabrian politicians and officials, Tomaso Brutto and Saverio Brutto, father and son, who were talking about opening an activity in Albania. In conversations with other people, they said that in Albania corruption is rampant, and that with the intervention of MEP Lorenzo Cesa, can be established connections with Albanian politicians.

?Corruption there is total?, ?business is done without tenders?, ?the opportunity can be used to establish links in Albania for their affairs?it is enough to give money a minister in Albania? ?, are some of the sequences separated from the conversations in wiretaps.

Following the wiretaps, it was reported that the Special Prosecution Office against Organized Crime and Corruption, SPAK, would initiate verification on this issue in relation to some members of the mafia network ?Ndrangeta?, who talked about investing in Albania.

In the intercepted conversations, the members of the mafia clan ?Ndrageta? mention President of the Republic Ilir Meta, his advisor, the Municipality of Tirana, etc.

They also talked about meetings with powerful people in Albania, ministers, etc. For this reason, SPAK announced that it would conduct investigations, starting contacts with the Italian authorities regarding this file, to see if the Italian mafia has invested in our country, and if he has had connections with certain persons and especially with people in power in Albania.

On January 25, she registered a criminal proceeding for the criminal offenses ?Passive corruption of persons exercising public functions?, ?Structured criminal group?, ?Laundering the proceeds of crime or criminal activity?.

The registration of this criminal proceeding is based on several articles published in various media, regarding the investigations carried out by the Anti-Mafia Prosecution of Catanzaro in Italy, which cast doubt on the involvement of Albanian and foreign citizens in criminal activities in Albania.

The head of SPAK, Arben Kraja held a meeting in early February with the Italian authorities in Rome on this issue. But when 7 months have passed since the registration of the case, there is still no movement from SPAK.

There were words and only words, that very soon there would be sensational arrests, once it was said in July then in August, and it is already claims for September. Public opinion wants to know who are the Albanian officials and politicians, who are related to the Italian mafia clan ?Ndrageta?.

The start of the investigation has been registered so far, but the file seems to have been left in the corner of an SPAK office to be dusted due to the holidays, while Albanian politicians and officials as collaborators of ?Ndrageta? continue to be paid from taxes of the citizens of this country. They serve “Ndrageta”, the citizens pay them, and SPAK caresses them./CNA.al


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