Monika Kryemadhi abandons the citizens of Fier/After receiving their votes, she is silent about the affair that is taking their lives

30 Korrik 2021, 11:46, English CNA
Monika Kryemadhi abandons the citizens of Fier/After receiving their votes, she

Smoke and soot have covered the city of Fier for several days in a row, due to the burning of urban waste in Mbrostar. Urban waste has been set on fire, and in a short time Fier has been blackened, thus seriously endangering the lives of citizens.

The Fier incinerator for which the Albanian government has given 30 million euros from the Albanian taxpayers?money, should have been put to work, while the responsibility for why this has not happened has turned into a kind of ping-pong, passing the blame from one institution to another.

What aggravates the situation even more is the silence of justice, especially of SPAK, an institution that should have already reacted. But instead of a reaction, he seems to have teamed up with the arsonists, and those who had to build the incinerator that never worked, or at last until today.

On the other hand, there is a silence of politics, mainly of the opposition, which should have raised its voice and supported the residents of Fier. But the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha was reminded to react only this morning on the poisoning of thousands of citizens by toxic fumes, complaining why SPAK is not launching investigations on this issue.

Meanwhile, the chairwoman of the Socialist Movement for Integration, Monika Kryemadhi, has not yet said a single word about this scandal that is happening in the area when she was elected MP. Kryemadhi has disappeared from the public scene, and she doesn?t care what is happening in the area where she ran and won the mandate of deputy.

Before the elections, she left Tirana to represent the residents of Fier in the Parliament. But it seems that Kryemadhi has already abandoned the residents of Fier, before going to Parliament as their representative.

During the election campaign in Fier, Kryemadhi promised that he would fight government gangs, and that he would support the citizens for their rights. When the citizens of Fier are being forced to leave their homes because they cannot breathe from the smoke and soot, so that their lives are endangered, nobody knows where she is playing the role of First Lady, or is on vacation. The apocalyptic images that have included the city of Fier during the last days, and the non-reaction of Kryemadhi, are the real face of the SMI./CNA.al

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