The affair of incinerators/SPAK has evidence of corruption in Fier

30 Korrik 2021, 06:13, English CNA
The affair of incinerators/SPAK has evidence of corruption in Fier

The city of Fier woke up yesterday morning under the power of smoke, due to the burning of urban waste. The same situation has continued today. The city appears blackened by soot and people on the streets barely distinguish each other, while vehicles are forced to move with high beams.

Today CNA.al published another video of burning garbage, while the Albanian government has given 30 million euros for the construction of the incinerator in Fier. The incinerator should have started working many months ago, as Prime Minister Edi Rama had promised earlier.

But, today we are at the peak of the tourist season, at the end of July and the city of Fier is covered by smoke. Garbage has been burning in Mbrostar for two days, thus committing a serious environmental crime.

Instead of burning this garbage from incinerators, today they are endangering the lives of the citizens of Fier, who have been forced to leave their homes due to toxic smoke and soot. The urban waste area had to be turned into a green park.

In fact today the garbage is burning and the incinerator has remained on attempt. He has not started work and it is not known when this will happen, although Albanians have paid millions of euros. SPAK has evidence of corruption in Fier.

The head of SPAK, Arben Kraja, can go by car and see for himself the evidence of the corrupt affair of the incinerators. If SPAK is really committed to doing justice as it trumpets, then Arben Kraja and his prosecutors should go to Fier, where they can easily provide evidence of scandalous abuse.

What happened to the 30 million euro incinerator? Why isn?t completed this project? Who abused the taxes of the citizens, and dared me to lead them to poisoning and death, setting fire to the garbage?

It is all these questions but even more that SPAK must answer them and shed light on the corrupt affair of incinerators, bringing to justice those responsible, whoever they are. The videos that CNA.al published yesterday and today are evidence that sheds light on the corrupt affair of the Fier incinerator./CNA.al

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