From Rama-Doshi-Rakipi to Lulzim-Berisha

18 Gusht 2021, 16:45, English CNA
From Rama-Doshi-Rakipi to Lulzim-Berisha

The April 25 parliamentary elections produced a historic electoral result in Albania. For the first time a political force managed to secure a third term. With his moves, most of them consensual and some ?contested? by Lulzim Basha, Edi Rama managed to secure victory over a rival who, more than a political opponent, is a unique ally.

For all those who follow Albanian politics or even those who are part of it, Lulzim Basha is called the best ally of Edi Rama, and the most brilliant opponent that needs someone in power. Undecided, distorted into a man of small bargains, a man who gets rich while someone else is in power, and a politician who gives no hope to anyone, who doesn?t inspire citizens and who doesn?t seem like an alternative to the current Prime Minister.

So according to him, his people, and those who organized and prepared electoral strategies, Basha at that moment was the new Prime Minister. But, after 3-4 hours with the opening of the first ballot boxes, the electoral trend showed that Basha was losing again.

This is what happened all over Albania. The DP had an electoral increase, but could not even get the votes of 2013, when it came out in opposition. The day after the elections, Basha came out and said that the first boxes were being opened in the bastions of the Socialists and that the overthrow was imminent.

In fact, this didn?t happen, because after 24 hours he came out and declared that there was an electoral massacre by the Rama-Doshi-Rakipi trio. Why Rama-Doshi-Rakipi? Because Basha wanted to encourage the internationals to take a different political approach.

Then he started talking only about the Rama-Doshi duo. In fact, Doshi is another electoral phenomenon. Once associated with the DP, so close to the right. He then joins the left, clashes with the Socialists, takes over the leadership of a political force such as the Social Democratic Party and registers a spectacular electoral result in this year’s elections, from Shkodra to Tirana, securing 3 seats.

This shows that there are individuals and electoral phenomena with connections and recognition, but also social relations that create votes, beyond what produce the parties. Someone claims they are bought. But it is quite difficult to buy so many votes. You can buy a few dozen or a few hundred, but not tens of thousands of votes.

The result is explained by the dedication of an individual, including Rama, Doshi or Rakipi who make the difference. The Prime Minister leads a large party, while the other 2 showed that with or without a party they secure personal votes. And they are not provided in a day, but it is a long job in time.

But this doesn?t happen with Lulzim Basha. After losing that turn, he has chosen to retain the post of party chairman at all costs. Then we have the articulation of Lulzim Basha on another post-election issue: the announcement of non grata from the US to former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Basha will change his articulation according to the interest of the moment, the money of the moment, the amount of money that goes to the brother-in-law and his clientelist and corrupt interests. Now in front of the Rama-Doshi phenomenon we have the Lulzim-Berisha phenomenon./CNA.al


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