SMI as a “nest” of corruption/ Officials of Meta and Kryemadh in SPAK for extortion of millions of euros from public funds

16 Gusht 2021, 14:27, English CNA
SMI as a “nest” of corruption/ Officials of Meta and Kryemadh in

The Socialist Movement for Integration has been described over the years as the private company of Ilir Meta, the current President of the Republic, who successfully went bankrupt in the last parliamentary elections. This political force, to which the citizens gave the deserved answer on April 25, has made its journey attached to corruption.

The SMI is the only political party in Albania that is heavily accused of corruption, although no investigations have been conducted so far. Officials and its leaders have been publicly accused. But also in the corridors of the Parliament, the Ministries or even the corridors of the Prosecution Offices.

SMI officials have been accused of corruption in public tenders, bargaining with votes, and the transformation of state institutions into private institutions, during the time they ruled both in coalition with the DP and the SP.

Sometimes with one side and sometimes with the other, the representatives of this party have found the opportunity to steal money from the state budget through the chair of power. And all this time, when there have been accusations against them, they have been justified that these allegations are lies and perceptions.

But day by day, the accusations are being substantiated. SPAK is calling on SMI officials to be held accountable. Formal chairwomen of SMI Monika Kryemadhi has long disappeared from the public scene.

Meanwhile, the other chairman, who also holds the post of president of the country, is expected to face the Constitutional Court in September, which may remove him from office.

The first two high-ranking SMI officials to be brought to justice, will be the current head of President Meta’s cabinet, former Agriculture Minister Edmond Panariti, and the former SMI candidate for MP, Vojo Bregu.

It was the leader of the Albanian Democratic Movement, Myslim Murrizi, who reported to SPAK the former Minister of Agriculture, Edmond Panariti and the former Secretary General of this Ministry, Vojo Bregu.

The two former officials have been accused by the Deputy Speaker of the Albanian Parliament of abusing tenders while running the Ministry of Agriculture. Murrizi has said that he will send other documents to SPAK starting from 53 contracts for the use of 24.000 hectares of land, which the government of 2005-2013 had made available to the Agency for Returns and Compensation for former owners.

Murrizi says that only from 2 tenders that cost about 6 million euros, SMI officials have benefited 5 million euros. It is about the tender of the irrigation system in the Municipality of Divjaka worth 4.5 million euros, and the tender for the purchase of 1912 heifers./CNA.al


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