September’s politics/ The new government, opposition and SPAK and US fight against corruption

17 Gusht 2021, 14:38, English CNA
September’s politics/ The new government, opposition and SPAK and US fight

September is expected to be hot, very hot for politics, due to the expected moves of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor?s Office, SPAK, in relation to many files and corruption scandals. But also because of a famous list circulating informally, and which the US embassy is expected to make public.

We will see in this list visa revocations or decisions taken by institutions regarding these personalities from the world of politics, media or business, for whom the US embassy may have various information regarding corruption.

But beyond these two hopes, September is expected to be politically hot for another reason. The Democratic Party will return to Parliament after almost 2 and a half years of abandoning it with the burning of seats in February 2019.

This failed, scandalous move, was a fatal decision of Lulzim Basha, which led the opposition to disaster. This radical path brought a strong clash with the US embassy and with other foreign diplomats. Lulzim Basha attacked them in a bandit manner.

But the conclusion was that he handed over Edi Rama to the table of 61 municipalities. He then lost the parliamentary elections of April 25, 2021, with his failed strategies, with his incompetence, and will now return to Parliament.

Despite the failure, Basha will try to behave like a triumphant, he will play with his theses that ?his votes were stolen?, that we had an ?electoral crime?, an electoral massacre committed by the socialists by Edi Rama, the state money, corruption and others like these, alibi used also in some international reports.

A hot September for the Parliament, which seems to have another stage, that of the new government of Edi Rama, which is expected to announce it earlier in a meeting of the socialist parliamentary group. A government which is expected to have young names with at least 50 percent.

Surprise names are expected in the new government. September will be hot for politics also for the fact that former Prime Minister Sali Berisha continues to be determined to enter in Parliament at a time when the US has declared it non grata, and is seeking the distancing of

In September, Basha will declare himself the ?enemy? of Edi Rama. On the other hand Rama will ironize it, and so in Parliament there will be clashes, accusations and counter-accusations. Basha will try to hit the government to bring it as low as possible in the hope of a resumption of it, DP and allies before the local elections.

But it seems that this will not be easy. Basha comes after the third defeat in the parliamentary elections and many electoral defeats, not to mention the blow they have given internationals and Americans to former historic DP leader Sali Berisha.

The Socialists seem calmer at first sight, but even in their ranks exist fear! They are afraid of corruption and scandals, and the Prime Minister is not excluded either. He fears that some of his former ministers, MPs or senior officials, whose names are expected to be declared non-women by the US Embassy in Tirana, could be arrested.

Therefore, September is expected to be hot for politics, just as it is expected to be hot for Justice Reform and expectations from the SPAK or the US Embassy itself, which is already clearly the flagship of Justice Reform and the fight against corruption in Albania./CNA.al



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