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Could the broken “tooth”, Sali Berisha, save Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha?!

29 Gusht 2021, 13:47, English CNA

On Friday, Prime Minister Edi Rama reiterated his political rhetoric, his stance of holding since 2013, when the Socialists came to power with the SMI on the side. He demanded from the socialists another approach to the opposition. More open, calmer, no excesses, etc.

In fact this didn?t happen. The opposition didn?t have the space it needed. Its deputies were raped. Among the SP parliamentary group there were incriminated persons. SP had harsh clashes with the opposition, and there were no records of tolerance, as Rama claims in his speech on Friday in front of the new and old deputies of the Socialist Party.

Parliamentary battles were fierce. Anyway, they were in the service of politics. On the other hand, it would be the DP protests in 2017 in the Tent constructed in front of the Prime Minister?s building, that would change the political scene.

They produced a Rama-Basha agreement. Then came the burning of the mandate of the opposition, a move unheard-of before, and now after 2 years the return of the opposition in parliament. This after spending a barren 2-year-old outside the institutions.

Edi Rama knows that the new Parliament will brings many problems. A quarrelsome opposition, more numerous, harsher, and perhaps even more conflicting. He therefore warned that it would be tolerated. If this promise will be fulfilled, remains to be seen.

On the other hand, Rama had a strong stance, saying that the opposition has a broken ?tooth?, which is also damaging his face. This is an open attitude towards former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, who has been declared non grata by the Unites States.

But is this broken ?tooth? enough to save Edi Rama and Lulzim Basha from accusations, political scandals, and what is expected to happen after September? First, Lulzim Basha couldn?t escape from Sali Berisha. In any scenario, Lulzim Basha is lost.

If he will confront Sali Berisha within the Democratic Party, the latter will be even more fragmented, it will become an even smaller party. Not to mention the possibility that Berisha himself could remove him from the leadership of the party.

Meanwhile, Basha must definitely maintain a public attitude towards the Americans as well. But it is very difficult. Until yesterday, he justified himself before the Americans with Berisha, saying that it was the latter who made the de facto the decisions in the Democratic Party.

Today, Americans are demanding that Basha be the one to make the decisions. But even if he will dot that, he will have a lot of problems, first of all the further fragmentation of the Democratic Party. Berisha can take from him a group of deputies. So Lulzim Basha is on a dead end.

On the other hand, Edi Rama uses Berisha for political rhetoric and the weakening of the opposition. But the blow that Berisha received from the Americans, should ?shake? more than any other Rama himself. And this for a simple reason.

Everything has a certain order, and the blows in politics can reach the door of the Prime Minister. The United States?attitudes toward many government scandals and corruption scandals have been consistent. Support to SPAK for incinerator investigations, on scandals regarding 184, 339 files, or the arrests of senior officials, in the Ministry of Interior, the Municipality of Lushnja, etc.

Many politicians alongside ministers or former ministers, currently under investigation by the SPAK, seem to have plenty of such political autumn and winter. So, the broken ?tooth?, Sali Berisha, labeled as such by the Prime Minister, cannot save both Lulzim Basha and Edi Rama from what was happening and from the turbulent water that are flowing in politics./CNA.al

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