The “hot” file in the drawers of the justice system/ When SPAK will “wake up” for the corrupt affair of the century?

24 Gusht 2021, 17:42, English CNA
The “hot” file in the drawers of the justice system/ When SPAK will

Justice reform and the new institutions that have emerged from it, have been seen as a beacon of hope for Albanians, that they will finally get the missing justice, and that crime and corruption at the highest levels will suffer a severe blow.

One of the new institutions of justice, perhaps the most trumpeted by politics but also from the international factor, is the Special Prosecution Against Organized Crime and Corruption, otherwise known as SPAK.

With the start of work by SPAK, was expected the arrest of the so-called ?big fish?. In fact, so far we have seen only ?small fish?fall into the ?net? of justice. But, if there is one issue that needs to be talked about out loudly is that of incinerators.

SPAK should wake up and complete as soon as possible the investigations, regarding the denunciations on what is called the corrupt affair of the century, which captures a value of about 400 million euros.

We remind here that for more than a year CNA.al has published a full investigation regarding the corrupt scheme with incinerators in Albania. All of them have proved with facts and documents the corrupt affair of the incinerators, the millions of euros that are paid from the taxes of the Albanians on behalf of Stela Gugalla, Klodian Zoto or Mirel Mërtiri.

These are the owners of incinerators, who later entered into partnerships with owners and media executives, as is the case with Vjollca Hoxha and Ben Blushi. A clear scheme of some businesses, that receive money from the government and then form partnerships with the media, or their executives.

On the other hand, regarding incinerators in Albania, there have been strong accusations from politics. The Democratic Party, and the leader of this political force Lulzim Basha, has made a series of consecutive denunciations, but then the silence fell. Only they know the reason.

Knitting Initiative has also made a denunciation to SPAK, regarding this affair. But so far there is only silence. Today is the opportunity to wake up the SPAK, and the head of this prosecution, Arben Kraja, who must tell the Albanians that the SPAK is investigating the incinerators.

Arben Kraja must tell Albanians that the SPAK has proven the existence of corruption in incinerators affair, and that it will bring before justice any actor or director of this affair, be it senior government officials of the Socialist Party, Socialist Movement for Integration, or the corrupt tools of the political system in Albania. Incinerators are a crime with the money of Albanian taxpayers, so SPAK can no longer remain silent./CNA.al

Dosja e ?nxehtë? në sirtaret e drejtësisë/ Kur do ?zgjohet? SPAK për aferën e shekullit?


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