Korça Police Commissariat related to crime

23 Gusht 2021, 18:15, English CNA
Korça Police Commissariat related to crime

Korça police are involved in the scandal. The dynamics of an event reported today, show that blue uniforms don?t investigate and uncover criminal events, but hide the facts and become partners with the crime.

Let?s look at the event from preliminary police information. An injury was reported at noon today in Morava of Korça. According to the police report, ?around 12:15, near a resort in Morava Mountain, Korça, during a conflict for ownership motives, the citizen A.R is suspected to have injured with a sharp tool the citizen S. M, resident in Korça, who also transported for treatment at Korça Hospital. The police services made it possible to apprehend the suspected authorities and escort him to the Commissariat for further action?.

Meanwhile, the police at the scene have found bullet shells, and don?t mentioned this detail in the announcement. On the other hand, she also administered the camera footage, and it turns out that during the clashes as a result of a debate that took place, a person with a gun placed the pistol on the head of the citizen who is currently escorted to the police station.

According to the police report, it is this citizen the person who was accompanied to the police, who hit the citizen with the initials S.M. with sharp tools. From the video footage it is quite clear that a person with a gun shot at the scene. This and other details, should force the police to deepen the investigation until the truth is revealed.

On the other hand, a few hours after the events outside the premises of the Korça Commissariat was threatened the citizen E.R., the brother of the person who was accompanied to the Commissariat.

In this case the state police is becoming more involved with the crime, or is minimally seeking to incite a crime! First, the Korça police misinformed the public, and didn?t deepen the investigation to uncover the truth, and which has to do with the armed persons.

Is the police involved in the crime when it failed to investigate a firearms incident? Is the police involved in crime, when they misinform and give notice to each other? Is the police part of the crime, when a citizen in a police station is threatened with a weapon and the premises of the police station have cameras?

The Chief of the Korça Police Commissariat, Krenar Gjokutaj, is incompetent or corrupt or linked to crime, or blindly obeys the orders of others. This event is another scandalous fact for Krenar Gjokutaj and the Korça Police./CNA.al

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