DP’s candidates for deputies/ Irfan Hysenbelliu’s list comes out

5 Mars 2021, 18:03, English CNA
DP’s candidates for deputies/ Irfan Hysenbelliu’s list comes out

Today, the daily newspaper ?Panorama? has published a list of Democratic Party candidates for the April 25 parliamentary elections. While is expected to be handed over to the CEC on Monday, Irfan Hysenbelliu has hurried to secure everything.

After publishing his personal list and the preferences he has, after solving the problems with the SMI and placing his candidates where he wanted, he has now started to do the same with the DP. In the list below you will see a bunch of names, mainly products of Henri Çili of the European University of Tirana, who stand out at the top of the lists.

The names of the people who have already been made public and confirmed by Lulzim Basha himself, and those preferred by Irfan Hysenbelliu, are from the former officials that Basha had in the Municipality of Tirana, people who work for Hysenbelliu or his businesses, and other Lulzim Basha?s servile.

We are not writing the names of the list, but we are publishing the pages of the newspaper. Meanwhile, we ask the readers not to take the whole list too seriously, as only the part made public by Lulzim Basha is credible. And in this case Irfani Hysenbelliu is not to blame either, because it may happen that the list is overturned.

Although so far, as CNA.al has reported several times almost 50 names, so the winning list of most counties is almost confirmed, except a few small changes in any county. Anyway, read the list of Irfan Hysenbelliu?s candidates. Especially it should be read by democrats, as they will see there people of Henri Çili and the employees of Irfan Hysenbelliu.

Some will run for the SMI, some for the Democratic Party, and in the end defeat seems to be guaranteed. However, we shouldn?t take it so seriously. We must believe and appreciate only the list that is already official. Because the truth is that Luli Basha doesn?t believe him, but neither does Irfan Hysenbelliu./CNA.al

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