Government “Rama 3”/ Outgoing ministers and the Prime Minister’s favorites

20 Gusht 2021, 20:17, English CNA
Government “Rama 3”/ Outgoing ministers and the Prime

Last week of this month, the Socialist Party will convene the National Assembly where it will be elected the new presidency and the General Secretary of the SP. Also in this meeting deputies, heads of branches, ministers and mayors, will report regarding the organization and the result achieved in the parliamentary elections of April 25.

Those who have lost in their constituencies, are expected to be held accountable or even punished by being fired from positions and functions they hold in both government institutions and Socialist Party structures.

?I want you to be ready for the race for victory in the 2025 elections and for the local elections. Ready to understand where we and how we should intervene in our electoral machine, to change the government and the Socialist Party.

On the one hand, we should start an opening of the Socialist Party, but also to organize all the structures. Whoever hasn?t achieved our goals should give space to someone else. For this purpose, must be set up urgently a special commission ?– Rama said on May 10 during a meeting with the socialist deputies. In these circumstances, the ?Rama 3? Government is expected to have new names.

The outgoing ministers and those who will be reconfirmed in office The ?Rama 3? government will be presented in September with a new composition, or with a new spirit, as Prime Minister Rama has called it before. It is said that almost half of the cabinet will undergo changes, and Rama is expected to bring surprise names to the government.

Thus, movements are expected from the post of Deputy Prime Minister, to the Ministry of Agriculture, Culture, Tourism, etc. Belinda Balluku, Arben Ahmetaj, Ogerta Manastirlliu and Niko Peleshi appear as most ?loyal? names and in strong positions.

It is learned that Edi Rama will make changes in the structure of government by merging or dividing several ministries, to give another boost to some priorities he is expected to announce at the meeting of the National Assembly of the Socialist Party./CNA.al



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