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The murderous silence of the opposition

27 Gusht 2021, 15:05, English CNA
The murderous silence of the opposition

Today, a deputy of the Democratic Party, an intellectual, a personality resigned from his mandate of the deputy he had won in the parliamentary elections of April 25 as the leader of the Lezha list. He stated that he wouldn?t attend the meeting of the National Council either, for many reasons, which he summarized mainly with a sentence ?because personal betrayal of Basha and Berisha to the Democrats?.

It was in fact a sudden resignation, although CNA.al but also many other media, have often reported that the hemorrhage within the opposition will continue. Mark Marku had not warned of his departure. But he had hopes for Lulzim Basha, and for many years and months believed that the latter could open the DP and change his behavior.

For this he faced insults, attacks and accusations at the last meeting of the National Council. And this after he delivered a speech, where he said some bitter truths about the DP and its leadership. On the other hand, he was elected MP, being in a ?conflict of interest?, because he had headed a commission for the evaluation of candidates for MPs, before drafting official lists.

But what is most painful today, is the murderous silence of the opposition. An embarrassing, and disgusting, silence that evokes the feeling of disgust of the political class that there is opposition today and what it represents. Lulzim Basha tried to pass in silence all his sins.

Corruption with the National Road, the photo scandal with Donald Trump in the US, the corrupt affairs of his brother-in-law and his family businesses, the scandal with the palace in Vlora, the bargains with the oligarchs, the bargains for selling the mandates of MPs, the disintegration of the opposition and so on.

But there is a fact. Today everyone remains silent. CNA.al and many media have tried to get reactions from some MPs or representatives of the opposition. Because an intellectual is leaving the party. Sadly, nobody talks about this in the DP.

While Gazmend Bardhi appear in the press conference and show the jokes of Bechetti, a topic exhausted in time. Marku?s departure is the first in a row, after the hemorrhage that occurred with the local leaders of the Korça DP branch. Or with the big departures that happened right after the election. Up to the level of secretaries, as was the case of Sahit Dollapi or even Ervin Minarolli.

Today, Mark Marku, head of the Commission for the Evaluation of Figures, an elected deputy, a personality, one of the distinguished voices of the opposition in the media, has left the DP, and no one is speaking on this fact. Everyone is ready to talk about everything, just not about Mark Marku?s departure.

Is there any man left with dignity in this opposition? Why Alfred Rushaj, Tomor Alizoti, Jorida Tabaku, Belind Këlliçi and some others who are hoped to say a word, remains silent? Without going any further, because it is not discussed that ?charlatans? and misused clowns will come out in the media to attack Mark Marku.

But when will they speak those who are expected to give something in politics, figures who have a positive image to the citizens? Because this is how the opposition is being destroyed and fragmented. He is being torn apart with servility, with silence, in order to keep the deputy chair and receive the salary at the end of the month.

Albanians suffer from misgovernance, suffer the consequences of the Rama-Basha agreement. As Basha remains at the helm of the DP, the opposition shrinks, becomes smaller, less energetic when intellectuals leave, there is silence and only silence.

But when should people talk? When are announced the lists, or at electoral campaign? Maybe in party forums as well. But the problem now is that even in forums no one can be heard talking. Neither in the Assembly nor in the National Council. Some speak, others raise their hands. The party is filled with blind soldiers.

They don?t understand that with their silence, they are killing the DP, they are killing the opposition, they are killing the future. The departure of names like Mark Marku and many others who have fled before, has only one consequence.

The wrinkling of the opposition, and the continuation in a wrong path which brings nothing but its successive losses, in the service of a clientele that has seized the leadership of the Democratic Party, ostensibly in the name of oppositionism and morality contrary to that of Edi Rama.

But the evidence shows that they serve the Prime Minister better than anyone else. There is no longer any doubt. How can it be an alternative to such a government, a party that ousts intellectuals, and doesn?t speak and reflect on them? Only Lulzim Basha can do that. This can only be done by his vassals, who remains shamefully silent./CNA.al

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