Berisha cannot “wash his hands” with Luli Basha like Pontius Pilate

7 Shtator 2021, 10:32, English CNA
Berisha cannot “wash his hands” with Luli Basha like Pontius Pilate

In a TV appearance on Euronews Albania in the show ?Now? of Erla Mëhilli, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha spoke openly about the extreme decision taken by the US Department of State and Secretary Blinken, who declared him a non-grata person.

Berisha openly stated that in case Lulzim Basha would take a step against him, he would to do everything for the Democratic Party to return to the values on which it is founded. So

a blackmail, an open threat that the former Prime Minister and the former leader of the Democratic Party makes to his successor, whom he has elected at the head of the Democratic Party, supported whenever he failed, supported also every political action, and who is his ?political son?.

But Sali Berisha cannot ?wash his hands? so simply with Lulzim Basha, saying that ?if he takes a step against me, I will take every step against him?. But why should the Democratic Party remain hostage to an act that Lulzim Basha can take against Berisha?

Does Berisha feel any regret by what has done Lulzim Basha in these eight years with DP? While many things have happened during this period, Berisha himself has not taken any steps. It has been the justifier, protector and cover of ?political crimes? of Lulzim Basha.

Will Berisha start the analysis of the Democratic Party from 2014, with the election of the National Council or the Presidency? Will it continue with the Administrative Reform? With Justice Reform? Or the Tent?protests? Or will it stop at the 2017 lists, and the loss of those elections?

Basha was re-elected without a real race, and named all the structures himself. In 2019, the DP lost its legitimacy as a party by burning the mandates of deputies, boycotting the local elections, just to enter this year?s parliamentary elections without any guarantees.

Basha formed a ?criminal? alliance with the SMI, the most failed and corrupt political force in 30 years of transition. He entered the elections on April 25 and lost again. There was no further analysis of the loss. Many executives resigned. Basha re-appointed the entire structure of the DP.

And now, after a thousand and one scandals, beyond enrichment, villas, millions of euros earned by him and his family, Sali Berisha says he will react against Luli Basha, but only if the latter takes a step or action against his. What is beyond this blackmail?

Is this a political immorality? A ?hand wash? like Pontius Pilates? Justifying that ?DP has been a pro-American party for 23 years?, and distinguishing a period with 8 years of DP leadership by Basha, means to seek innocence, when your hands are stained in ?crime?.

Because it is Berisha who has supported Lulzim Basha. He is the one who has appointed Lulzim Basha to the highest government positions. And for everything the latter has done, Berisha has supported him. Not only according to what Basha himself claims, but also according to the public attitudes held by Berisha himself.

The former Prime Minister cannot wash his hands like Pontius Pilate, as he also has the responsibilities for every ?political crime? committed by Lulzim Basha in the last 8 years. With or without his silence. And now that he is speaking, it is too late. Berisha is speaking after they placed him with ?shoulders behind the wall?. Now is late. It?s really late./CNA.al.

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