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Lulzim Basha, as the Minister of Relations with the Opposition in the government “Rama 3”

3 Shtator 2021, 16:01, English CNA
Lulzim Basha, as the Minister of Relations with the Opposition in the government

It may seem unbelievable or a conspiracy theory, but in recent weeks it has seemed as if at the head of the Democratic Party, the Albanian opposition, instead of a political leader fighting against the government, we have a man who couldn?t wait to take his post.

So the role he would play in relations with the ?Rama 3? government. Lulzim Basha told this yesterday immediately after the meeting of the SP Assembly. But he said this also 2 days ago, after the meeting of the National Council of the DP, where was elected the new Presidency.

Things are clear. Two comparisons that don?t need much doubt. They are facts. Yesterday, through a long speech, Edi Rama attacked his government, accused its directors, and finally decided to hold more than 60 percent of the cabinet ministers, changing only a few ministers, mostly women.

In this way he set a world record, having the government with more women in the world. And Basha?s reaction was as if the leader of the Democratic Party had mentioned his name as a minister. In his reaction, Basha didn?t say a single word about his governing cabinet.

Not a word about the new ministers, nor about Rama?s new secretariat in the SP, which includes many personalities who have been part of the criminal files denounced by the Democratic Party in the last 8 years.

Basha reacted yesterday as if he were a minister of Edi Rama. He said only a few sentences in a post on social media, using only the OSCE-ODIHR report on violations observed in the April 25 elections. But this story is already closed. Edi Rama is in government, so in power.

Parliament convenes next week. The CEC has announced the final results. Such claims there will always exist in international reports.

Edi Rama extended his hand of cooperation, while Lulzim Basha accepted the offer. When he convened the National Council, he didn?t talk so much about the ?electoral massacre?. He declared that he was ready to carry out the Administrative, Constitutional and Electoral Reform together with the government.

So to co-govern with Edi Rama in parliament, through reforms. Edi Rama said the same thing yesterday, and Lulzim Basha did the same with his reaction. The cooperation between the two is very clear in two aspects. In the speech of Edi Rama, in his attitude, and in the reaction of Lulzim Basha yesterday.

We do not have a co-government with ministers in government. But, we have a minister at the head of the opposition, a ?minister? of Edi Rama for relations with him, and closely for cooperation in parliament, for the Electoral Reform, as an excuse for the catastrophic loss of Lulzim Basha, to secure him the chair of the chairman of DP, and on the other hand, an Administrative Reform that can give Basha some more municipalities.

And finally the constitutional changes of 2008, which will want the consent of all parties. Now the parties are moving forward. The ?Rama 3? government was formed. She already has a Minister for Relations with the Opposition, Lulzim Basha. The relationship seems to be healthy. We will have an opposition with a softer and with a more loving language.

An opposition that will try to get the most out of what it is expected to do in parliament. But, it will take 6 months, maybe even 1 year for him to start attacking Rama?s ministers, as it will be very difficult, because Lulzim Basha himself is part of this cabinet./CNA.al

Lulzim Basha, si ministër i Marrëdhënieve me Opozitën, në qeverinë ?Rama 3?

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