Actor Andrea Pepi recounts a life on stage

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Actor Andrea Pepi recounts a life on stage

The "Andon Zako Çajupi" theater in Korçë has many years of history, prominent figures of the city. A successful story is that of the actor, director, writer, Andrea Pepi. All the people of Korça have known Andrea Pepi since 1966, when he first appeared on the stage of the theater.

The life and career of Pepi can be considered quite interesting, who in his youth was also associated with the sport of athletics, but unwillingly, he also embraced acting, becoming one of the most famous actors of Korça. In a very special interview, Andrea Pepi tells CNA TV about his beginnings in acting and the vicissitudes he went through from 1966 to 1984. His first roles, with difficult characters, have marked Pepi since that time , leaving impressions on the art-loving public.

"I got on the stage of the theater in 1966 with the great Socrates Mio. There were school meetings, and he chose me, although I was involved in sports at the time, but I accidentally jumped in. After Socrates, I entered the professional theater as an outsider, I continued school and sports in speed races. I continued school in 1969, and in 1972 I went to Fier to the new theater of Fier, where I worked for 11 years. I remember the directors and the plays I worked on with great passion I remember the first role with which I participated in the "National Meeting" in 1976, with the role of a German officer where I spoke only German. In that drama I was also the assistant director of the director Dhimitër Pecani. Later I participated in the drama very well-known 'Two Whistles in Paris' with the role of the president of the court. That drama is to be appreciated because it was given over 170 times, it affected almost all the theater scenes, only here we could not come, despite the great desire to came. Later I came to the theater of Korça in 1984, I remember the satire drama, where I played one of the main roles and later the drama 'The Accused City' with the role of a father for which the spectators welcomed me with great love."

Actor Andrea Pepi recounts a life on stage

In addition to being an actor, Andrea Pepi also worked as a theater and stage director in Korça, where for the first time in a fairy tale for children, he introduced chemical elements. But this was not the only project created by him, what attracted attention in 1998 was the newspaper "Bota e Fëmijëve", which spread not only in Albania, but also abroad. A success of Andrea Pepi, who could not be separated from the children, and his art connected him a lot with them.

"I also participated as a director of the theater and variety show with a very interesting part, a fairy tale, where for the first time I introduced the chemical elements, which made it very surprising and very satisfying for the children. I put a part on stage with the troupe of professional theater and it was called one of the most beautiful comedies that there was in that period, on Albanian television. This is how we gradually went until 1992, where although I was the author of several dramas for children, but also of radio dramatizations, I was removed and still not I left the theater, although I was far from it. In 1998, I had published two children's books, and I went as the director of the children's cultural center, which I found after '97, and made it one of the most popular centers not only in Albania, but also outside its borders. It is worth mentioning the newspaper that I brought out, "Bota e kindelen", the only cultural center in Albania that had a newspaper that valued children, activities, and so I worked with great passion because I also brought back carnivals."

Actor Andrea Pepi recounts a life on stage

The most popular carnivals are precisely those of Korça, which for years have been part of the main activities organized in this city. Beautiful memories remain for Andrea Pepin of these carnivals, which he brought back with great passion and sacrifice. He tells us one of the conversations with a Shkodran citizen.

"We managed to hold the carnival for two days, because we had many participants. One day, someone from Shkodra asked me that we also do carnivals, but how many people do you gather? I told him that we gather about 1,200 children. How is that possible? ? How can you wear it? I told him that I knock on the door of children's homes, but with the children's hand. So after 8 years in this center, as always, they sent me away. They took me to a music teacher, of course I accepted, and created several groups turning it into a cultural center, I had a group of dancing, acting, reciters and singing. And I was also appreciated by the ministry for this work."

After several years of separation from the theater stage, Pepi returned again in 2006, at the request and desire of the director Llazi Sërbo, who is no longer alive today. A director, who trusted Andrea by giving him quite beautiful, but also difficult roles. With one of the roles, it became possible to set foot in St. Petersburg, the first time for an Albanian troupe.

"I returned to the theater in 2006 with the director Llazi Srbon. He staged Pushkin's plays, 'The Guest in the Time of Cholera' and gave me with great love one of the most difficult characters, Salieri. I achieved my goal and brought out a figure who worshiped me, not only here, but also in St. Petersburg. He was the first Albanian troupe to set foot in St. Petersburg. Then I came as a professional after working for 1 year as a teacher, and I can't forget the trust that Llazi Srbo gave me in monodrama 'Sirus', an adaptation of a novel by Dostoyevsky, was a very difficult undertaking for me, but with the help of that worthy man, I say I achieved my goal because even the most prominent Albanian critic praised me by saying a icon."

Actor Andrea Pepi recounts a life on stage

Andrea Pepi, in addition to acting and directing, is also a writer. A passion that continues to this day, bringing readers 15 books for children, as well as 5 novels for adults. While recently he has released a humorous and satirical work. But, related to this, Pepi has a call for those people who may have found themselves in this work.

"I'm still writing, I have 15 children's books so far, I finished one now and have to revise it. And I have 5 novels and stories for adults. I recently published one with humor and satire from life on stage, society and education . If someone were to ask me how old you are? I'll tell them how old I look!"

"My wish is that my dreams, my wishes come true, although there are obstacles, it is not discussed. We satirical journalists, or satirical writers, satirize social problems and some remember that I took on those characters, and I get upset . Now if anyone finds themselves there, in that satire, it's not my fault, it's their fault. So they see that I didn't take them as an example, but the social problem. In this case, I say don't be upset with me , but screw yourself if you find yourself there."

Both of Andrea's children, his daughter Ilda, and his son Arjoli, are part of the art. Each in different directions, but still remain artists. Ilda has not "betrayed" her father, becoming an actress, and this gives special emotions to Andrea. Here's what he says about it.

Actor Andrea Pepi recounts a life on stage

"I have nurtured the children to find their own way, but not that I have insisted on them. I taught my daughter courage, because the art of the actor is the art of courage. And the boy continued on his way, although I also took him on stage, but one must do what one knows how to do best. I think both children do what they know how to do best, and they do it well."

One of the memories that Pepi does not remove from his memory is precisely the comedy "Pallati 176", which was staged for the first time in the theater of Korça, once called "An anonymous letter", which combines intrigue, but also breaks it down. The story of this comedy is quite interesting, but normally Pepi also shows the negative aspect if we can call it that.

"One thing I can't get out of my mind is the comedy "Palace 176", which was put on here for the first time on this stage. With 5 very good amateur actors and 3 professionals. It is worth mentioning that that comedy was rejected by the evaluation committee. I lived in a building and floor with the author, who knocked on my door because she had finished a directing course and had to defend her degree, wanting to definitely enter this festival. I took it with great pleasure, made a very dignified edit, worked with it for several months, and the comedy was first given the title "An anonymous letter", because the letter is what combines and also breaks up the intrigues of the comedy. Of course, I'm sorry that he didn't stay in our city because we gave birth to him, raised him, made him run, and Tirana took the laurel crown."

Andrea Pepi is the man who has given a lot of life to the theater not only in his hometown, Korça, but also beyond. He is one of the most popular actors of Albanian art, although at a "broken" age, he continues to make his contribution as an artist. We hope to see Andrea in the next show, as he has shown that he fits any role entrusted to him./ CNA

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