Extreme water sports/ Ilirian Tasellari tells CNA TV about his passion

2024-01-22 23:00:00, Qyteti im CNA
Extreme water sports/ Ilirian Tasellari tells CNA TV about his passion
Ilirjan Tasellari

Since 1998, Ilirjan Tasellari has been passionate about water sports. The reason is a film sequence first shown on foreign television, in the years of the dictatorship. That's how long it took for Ilirjani to develop his hidden passion for kite surfing and wind surfing, so well known in the world as extreme water sports, after emigrating to Italy. Cna TV has conducted a very interesting interview with the sportsman who shows special details from more than 25 years of water sports training.

"It belongs to my early childhood. A film that I used to watch normally from foreign television films, I saw it for the first time and I was amazed at those film sequences. It was like a dream in the drawer, for me to be in that kind of sport . The first contact was when I went to Italy, I stopped there and found the place where that sport took place, Lago del Garda, and the town is called Riva del Garda, I stayed there for this sport. That was my first contact."

His connection with this type of sport is so special and inevitable for Ilirjani. Raised near the lake and nature of Pogradec, she is spiritually close to the sport he practices, while he says that in this sport it is only him and nature.

"Normal is a sport that has a lot of connection with nature, it is conditioned by the atmospheric conditions and this connection makes you enjoy nature, and live its experience to the maximum. That's where you and nature are."

Water sports, considered extreme and difficult, have a number of features that must be respected and followed rigorously in order to avoid incidents, both for professionals and amateurs. In addition to the advice that Ilirjani gives on the things that should be taken into account in kite surfing and wind surfing, he says that small accidents have also happened, but they have already become part of his sports life.

"Like any kind of sport, it is not that there are difficulties, it is an easy sport. For someone who is passionate and seeks it, it is very easy to learn, but the main thing is that the limits and meteorological conditions must be respected. First of all, we must take into account safety, since any kind of sport if you don't respect the limits, then you will get injured. To avoid injury you have to respect the intensity of the wind, vicissitudes such as lightning, cloudy weather, tension wires, the road or other people on populated beaches."

"Fortunately, no to others, but yes to myself. Like any kind of sport, there are accidents, but secondary things remain and do not create problems for us, they have become part of this kind of sport."

Developing this type of sport in a group is a pleasure in itself for Ilirjani. Although it is a solitary sport, it becomes even more enjoyable when a few enthusiasts join together. In Albania, this type of sport is quite developed in recent years, but Ilirjani has had the greatest luck in Italy, in an activity where all the world champions have gathered.

"Even though it is a solitary sport, which you do by yourself, it turns into something more beautiful when you return to a community or a group. However, it remains beautiful even on its own, with the years that pass, people change. There are young people who have embraced it , and it makes me happy that we have friends especially in Durrës, Darëzeze, Vlorë who practice it. But in Pogradec, as a place that does not favor this type of sport, because it is not very windy, the interest of young people is still visible. "

"In the city where I was, there was a city that held one of the stages of the World Cup, in freestyle windsurfing. And it was lucky that there we watched the world champions coming and the place has a name, it was called the Mecca of Windsurfing in Italy. The activities were numerous, we didn't pretend to be with the world champions but in our amateur aspect we wanted to follow. The good luck was that we hung out with them and surfed with them."

At the end of the interview, we ask Ilirjani about the future. Will he continue his passion, until he thought of following this sport?

"We have many dreams but for sports I wanted to be young again. Youth goes with this sport and what we have been through has been pleasant because we could have been more ambitious. This sport is practiced by a wide range of ages, from children until 80 years old. If I'm going to be 80 years old, I'll practice it. My boys, it's what we say that genetics doesn't forgive you, like it or not, and they enjoy it and practice it."

Ilirjan Tasellari is an example of a man who realizes his dreams, desires and passion, despite the fact that today he is 55 years old, he remains as young as ever. This is an example that should be followed by young Albanians and especially young people from the city of Pogradec. Tasellari is the only pogradecar who practices kite surfing and windsurfing./ CNA

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