Hani i Pazari/ One of the tourist assets of the Korça hotel industry

2024-01-02 19:30:00, Qyteti im CNA

Hani i Pazari/ One of the tourist assets of the Korça hotel industry

"Hani i Pazari" is one of the tourist assets of the Korça hotel. One of the most special hotels that Korça has, with a fantastic interior, bar and restaurant that suits all customer requirements. In this hotel we find the combination of traditional and modern, with the stone building and the wooden element that prevails in each of its rooms. As soon as you enter the hotel premises, you encounter a very beautiful sight, where there is a water well in the center, turned into a photo spot for visitors. The history related to the hotel is very interesting, as years ago this area functioned as an inn, and today it has been kept with the same name to remember the Korça tradition. Hotel receptionist Wilson Demko tells more about the history of the hotel's construction.

In total, the hotel contains 22 rooms, each with its own characteristics and offering hospitality and comfort to visitors. In addition to combining the traditional with the modern, the rooms differ in the colors chosen for them, as well as in the spaces.

High quality service is the key point of this hotel, as well as a rich menu of organic products and traditional dishes for which tourists choose to visit Korça.

Live music is added to the organization of the restaurant. Every Friday and Saturday, not only during the holidays but also throughout the year, evenings with live music are organized at Hani i Pazari. The well-liked corsair serenades can be "enjoyed" and give the dinner a different pleasure than an ordinary day that completely takes you away from the routine.

As for the reservations, for the end of the year they were closed almost two months before and this shows the high interest of visitors who choose Korça. The southeastern city has become the epicenter of celebrations for years and gathers a very high number of tourists. According to Wilson, in this holiday season, most of the tourists are Albanians, but there are also foreign tourists.

The festive menu is different for this year-end, while customer impressions remain among the best for service and hospitality at Hani i Pazari.

The Old Market of Korça is the most favorite among tourists, with a variety of bars and restaurants, but also with the Hani i Pazar hotel located at the entrance of this area.

Contact number for reservations: 0697010055

Address: Kiço Greço Street, Korçë Old Bazaar

Instagram: hani_i_pazarit/ CNA

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