The Guitar Shop/ Korça e serenatav, with the only guitar shop

2023-12-26 22:45:00, Qyteti im CNA
The Guitar Shop/ Korça e serenatav, with the only guitar shop
Genci Llapanji

The city of serenades lacked a proper guitar shop, the most identifying instrument of all serenaders. In the area of ??the Old Market of Korça, the creation of a guitar shop has already become a reality, which will bring not only the sale of this instrument, but also courses for children and guitar enthusiasts.

In the store we find the musician Genci Llapanji, who with great pleasure told us about himself but also about the project already realized in Korça.

Genci says that he has lived in Greece for many years, he has also visited many other countries to get to know the culture, while he returned to Albania to continue his artistic career, as the guitar is an integral part of him.

"My connection with music is from my childhood years, since I was 11 years old, I was in a music school. Very soon I practiced the guitar, I was taken to weddings and sang with the company. Kurbet forced us to leave around 18 years old, and in the last 12 years from 1999 to 2012 I lived in Greece. I participated in the X Factor auditions in Athens, I integrated into Greek music. As a family we are musicians, we are 5 brothers. But I was kidnapped, and my guitar I called my eternal lover. I wanted to leave her and she won't leave me." , Genci said.

Genci tells how the idea to open a guitar shop was born, not just as an object but with many purposes in itself.

"The first idea came from my friend and colleague Shkëlqim Dule, who is a very good guitarist. We had many fans who wanted to learn the guitar and approached us, and we had this idea to open courses as well. I emphasize that even in Greece I have taught 2-3 little Greek boys and they became good guitar players. Guitar is love. And it attracts many fans who want to learn it, although it depends on the talent that god gives you. That's why the guitar trade continues, not they only buy the ones they need for work, but also a person who doesn't play the guitar but has 5 guitars at home. For example, I have 7 guitars of mine, while a friend of mine who doesn't play has 12," he said.

Although a small shop, it still carries great values ??regarding this instrument. Different types of guitars, from all brands, can be found right at "The guitar shop".

"In our store they will find used guitars, new guitars, expensive brands, very good Japanese and Chinese products. They will also find guitars, guitar repairs, complete services that I do and the objective is to open a guitar course. We have had many requests from parents, especially girls who are very eager and ask me when the courses will open," he said.

The high interest of the children, as well as the parents, as Genci shows, also brings to mind the next question, how difficult is it to learn the guitar?

"From the moment you have talent and will, the guitar is taught. If you don't have talent, I don't say that you don't learn it, but with will you can get to a certain point. At least learning to sing in a family environment, with company, for boys is very important. advised because, as an old Korça tradition, girls also approach him," says Genci.

It is interesting to note that many tourists approach the store and join Genci not only in discussing the guitars that are there, but also in musical duets. There are two special memories that Genci has chosen to tell about Cna TV.

"It actually surprised me, I lived abroad and saw foreigners, but people who have never played a guitar have approached this store, and they even know the good brands. I played with a Czech singer, he played blues, it was something of the moment, and the emotions are irreversible. Ferki Shala, the Albanian rock star, comes to the store one day. Unfortunately, I didn't know him and we sang one of his songs "My blonde with black eyes". We are friends already and hopefully we'll do a duet." , Genci confessed, among other things.

The years that Genci has lived in the Greek state have made the latter more connected to Greek music. This is what he says when we ask him which music he would choose, the Greek one or the Korça serenade.

"As a returnee from Greece and with the integration I suffered there, I think I lean more towards the Greek song. But the Korça serenade and the Blue Horizon songs are really very beautiful. I will sing a song of this group for you, a Greek song and why not a Spanish one too," he said.

Llapanji's hospitality has been fantastic for the time we spent together at the guitar shop. Genci himself has chosen to play on one of the store's guitars, surprising us with serenades, Greek and Spanish songs. The guitar shop is located in the Old Market of Korça. For all music enthusiasts, even for those interested in learning more about the guitar, CNA provides you with the contact number 069 344 1104. / CNA

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