Korça in 360 degrees/ Follow dozens of reports on CNA

2023-12-14 20:02:00, Qyteti im CNA

Korça in 360 degrees/ Follow dozens of reports on CNA

The colors of the southeastern city of Korça in all dimensions, starting from art, culture, cuisine, characters and craft are reflected in a series of reports prepared by CNA.

Interesting characters tell about their lifestyle, passions and traditions fanatically preserved over the years.

Cult and art objects that carry within themselves years of history are best presented by this series of reports.

The entertainment facilities to spend some pleasant moments with live music, the places where you will find peace, or the hotels to spend not only the weekends that you they "escape" from everyday life, but to find comfort.

A special space is also dedicated to art, music and disappearing craft enthusiasts who recount the challenges of life and the pleasure they derive.

These and other dozens of reports can be found here, on the youtube channel of CNA.

Also, to see Korça in 360 degrees, follow not only on youtube, but also on CNA TV, and CNA.al

CNA will bring reports in the same form in many other cities of Albania./ CNA

YOUTUBE LINK: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuBJCAk7Fu-z2z7XMpc71V1St6-tTC7XP

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