Festive December in Korça/ Enthusiastic citizens and tourists

2023-12-03 15:59:00, Qyteti im CNA

Festive December in Korça/ Enthusiastic citizens and tourists

The weekend started in the best way in the city of Korça, where yesterday evening the event of turning on the lights for the festive December was organized. The month that is eagerly awaited not only by Korçars, but also by visitors who, at every moment of their vacation, choose the Southeast to spend a few days with their family and friends.

The warm atmosphere, the colorful lights on every main boulevard, in the square in front of the Cathedral, in the city's pedestrian area, as well as the decor in the old bazaar, has caused an influx of tourists during this Saturday. They have told CNA TV the feeling they get from this atmosphere and from beautiful Korça, promising that they will return again.

"Great atmosphere, wonderful, lots of lights and lots of people. This is just the beginning as far as I understand. I would like to be a part of the activities, but very soon I have to leave. I have only come for a short time and I have to go back to Chicago. I was born and raised in Korça, I don't have many people I had, people have left but the city remains what it is."

Festive December in Korça/ Enthusiastic citizens and tourists

"I come from Tirana. The atmosphere is very beautiful and very happy. Tirana has its own beauty, and Korça has its own. I am very satisfied. Tomorrow night I will leave. Happy 2024 to all Albanians for many years."

"We are from Tirana. We came today on vacation for 2 days, but we enjoyed ourselves. It was very nice. We are satisfied with the environment and the hospitality."

"I live in Verona, Korça is like Verona, very beautiful, I like it. The first time I come, but if I get the chance I will come again. Greetings, good holidays, and happy."

Even the people of Kor?a have shown with great pleasure the atmosphere, which they find every year better and better in the beautiful city of Kor?a.

Festive December in Korça/ Enthusiastic citizens and tourists

"Beautiful lights, very happy people. We are natives from Korça. This year seems very beautiful to me, other years have also been beautiful, but today seems even more beautiful to me."

"We are from Korça. Very nice atmosphere, our hearts are satisfied, both for us Korça residents and for those who visit us. We welcome tourists and want them to come as much as possible."

The children were also happy for the lighting of the lights, who wished everyone happy and blessed holidays.

In his speech to the media, the mayor of Korça Sotiraq Filo told about the organization of this event.

Festive December in Korça/ Enthusiastic citizens and tourists

"In addition to the atmosphere created by the end-of-the-year decorations, we will also have a busy calendar with artistic and cultural activities in the theater, in the Old Market, so Korça will return to the epicenter of the end-of-the-year celebration. We have some changes in the elements of decor, in the Old Market there is a fantastic decor and a significant part of artistic and cultural activities will also take place there."

The city of Korça has been and will remain the main destination chosen by tourists to spend the end of the year holidays. Since November, all the hotels and guesthouses in this city have been booked, which shows a very high interest in enjoying what Korça has to offer./ CNA TV

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