Vecchia Botique Hotel/ An oasis of pleasure in the heart of Korça

2023-12-21 20:37:00, Qyteti im CNA

Vecchia Botique Hotel/ An oasis of pleasure in the heart of Korça

Recently, another tourist asset has been added to Korça in the hotel sector. A very special hotel, and which can be called complete in terms of the organization that is thought to be done down to the detail. With a location that is easy to find, and with the bar and restaurant that is part of it, Veçhia Boutique Hotel has opened its doors for more than 1 year to all visitors who choose Korça to relax. CNA TV brings a report dedicated to this hotel, and the manager Mikaela Tori welcomed our filming group with great pleasure. In addition to the guide that she gave us inside the premises of Veçhia Boutique, Mikaela in an interview for our TV, told more about the history of the construction and decoration of the hotel.

"Veçhia Boutique Hotel opened on August 15, 2022. It was originally a residence, then it turned into a bar, and then the whole building was demolished except for the stone walls you see here, which are traditional and had to be stood. The part of the hotel and the bar was created by expanding the area. A very special thing about us is the part of the bar, which has a great variety of desserts to satisfy the tastes of all customers. From the most delicious desserts to the most light, ice creams preferred in the summer, and syrupy cakes for the winter."

As soon as you visit the bar area, what catches your eye is a large number of different sweets on the counter, which makes you even more eager to try them. According to Mikaela, the sweets produced in the large Dajana pastry factory are a success in themselves.

"At the moment we have the bread. A change was made in the recipe because we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, offer the best possible to our customers and I can say that the cake is a great success after this change that we did."

Ve?hia Boutique Hotel has a total of 13 rooms, while each of them has its own. A combination of traditional and modern has made this hotel very popular with visitors.

"In total we have 13 rooms, with a maximum capacity of 33 people. 10 of these rooms are standard, and 3 are suites. We have two standard rooms that have a fireplace and these are very popular with customers because Korça is very popular in winter. They love that feeling of warmth when it's snowing outside, they are one of the most requested rooms. The suites are also very popular because, in addition to the jacuzzi part, they also have a fireplace. Everywhere in the hotel, at the reception, in the rooms, even in the restaurant, you can see a combination of traditional elements. We used carpets in the suites, you can also see elements of stone, with wood and metal structures."

An integral part of Veçhia Boutique Hotel is the fantastic restaurant that is so beautifully decorated that you can feel the warmth and hospitality of the Korça. A variety of dishes, starting from the traditional ones, and continuing with "modern" dishes with a variety of products. Important for a successful restaurant is undoubtedly the wine menu, which is found in several varieties in this restaurant.

"At the restaurant, we have tried to fulfill the demands of all customers. We have mostly traditional dishes such as cabbage, kernacet, lamb and veal ribs, but also "Dry Age" meats on the other hand, such as tomahawk, ribeye. We have sauces guacamole. Mainly traditional dishes are preferred, customers come to Korçë for this very reason because they want to connect more with this traditional warmth. I can say that even foreign customers prefer these dishes, and in the morning they ask us to try trahana, petka, pancakes. Even in the wine section of the restaurant, we have made a mix, bringing to customers both Italian and foreign wines as well as Albanian wines."

But what makes the most visited and favorite weekend for tourists in Korça?

"Every weekend we have live music at the restaurant with our band performing there. I can say that it is one of the reasons why many tourists come to Korça, they are looking for that fun and warmth. Also listening to the Korça serenades creates a very pleasant atmosphere . Everyone is dancing around the fireplace, drinking a glass of wine, very warm atmosphere."

The end of the year holidays will bring the peak of tourists, as hotel bookings are closed almost two months ago. A very high interest of visitors who choose Korça to celebrate and Veçhia Boutique Hotel to stay and enjoy fantastic cuisine in the hotel's restaurant.

"We have had many reservations for the New Year's holidays. For Christmas and New Year, the reservations have been closed for more than a month, maybe even two months in advance. For the Christmas dinner, we also have some free capacities, while for the New Year We are new and fully booked. Compared to years, we have noticed a growing trend of foreign tourists. Foreign tourists usually stay more than one day, unlike Albanians who usually come. on Saturdays, and they are very interested in the traditional and cultural part. They want to try the food, they ask us where there are museums, what they can visit. And they are very surprised by the warmth they receive here in Albania."

Veçhia Boutique Hotel is one of the most beautiful to be found in the southeastern city, and also one of the best suggestions for CNA viewers. We provide you with the contact number for dinner and accommodation reservations, we are sure that you will have a great time and will be very satisfied with the Korça hospitality.

Contact number: 0689060606

Address: Republika Boulevard, neighborhood 1, building 82

instagram: ve?hiaboutiquehotel./ CNA

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