Kolami Farm, a success story in meat production and marketing

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Kolami Farm, a success story in meat production and marketing

Angel Kolami, for a lifetime, has developed his investment in meat products. A passion for animal husbandry that started from his father, and then inherited by Lushi himself, as is known by all Korcarians. More than 30 years of activity in animal husbandry, almost 25 years with the establishment of the meat shop for the southeastern city.

CNA HD first visited the barn where the animals are kept, seeing closely the entire process of working and feeding the cattle. With a large number of animals such as sheep, cows, calves, the very successful investment has led to the fact that today all the farmers go to Lush's store to get different products.

Lushi shows the beginnings of this passion that has brought the story of success to the business of the Kolami family. Although with great difficulties, this family has been able to create a great activity emphasizing the work done with love and passion.

"Our business was born with the collapse of the communist system, with the arrival of democracy in 1992. My father was one of the most exemplary livestock farmers in Devoll, and I fell in love with livestock farming together with him. Even in business today, we have 32 years of work . In 1999, we started breeding, after that time we started investing in the sale of meat. We built the store, which today has 24 years of work in the city of Korça. We are satisfied, we are in the work we love. We all work as family.

Any work done with love is not difficult. We do it with pleasure, we work all day in the stable. The work has fallen a bit from the sale but we have invested in the production and we still feel good about ourselves. We are in the production of meat and milk", said ?ngjëllush Kolami.

The stable is the main part of the activity, as according to Lushi, the cattle are taken care of there, to ensure the best possible quality of meat. With a vet check, and collaboration with various clients, the Kolami farm is today the most chosen by Korça and its surroundings.

"At the stable, we buy all hay and hay products ready-made. We don't have the opportunity to produce them ourselves in the Korça area, we have our customers who supply us with barley, corn, and alfalfa. We do cattle feeding, maintenance, for to have the best meat quality. As you can see, everything is supervised by me personally. We have made the slaughtering very good thanks to the investment in our factory, quality and clean slaughtering, supervised by veterinarians. We have veterinarians assigned to us the directorate of agriculture who guide and advise us on everything. We have done well and we are satisfied.

At the moment, we have about 150 sheep in the stable, for milk and lambs, but we buy them in the market. We have over 50 cows, and repairs to add, and even though we have closed the cycle for calves, we take them to the market and raise them. Livestock has become rare in the villages, and we were forced to make this investment to maintain our line of work. The client has also appreciated us, they have responded to us in all ways, and we have also responded to them. We have received evaluations from customers", he said.

The meat shop Kolami is located in the ring road of the city of Korça, while there we find a variety of products starting from meat and its by-products such as kernacet or szurmaja, traditional of the city of Korça.

"In our store, there are all kinds of meat, from lamb, mutton, kid, goat, beef and pork and by-products such as traditional Korça sausages, meatballs, lukananik, and pork. Pork is sold more because it is cheaper in cost , it suits the people's economy better. Even beef has recently been sold for pure meat," he says.

This investment has been the best thing that Lushi has done in Korça, and this is shown by the clientele that supports it and turns to this store almost every day.

"Our work has increased. Until this happened, we received the support of customers. The store is full of people, the work has progressed. Everyone complains that there is no work, but we thank God we are fine. Thanks to the work and the great fatigue , we are forced to do both the cattleman and the seller in the store. Even though there is a lack of labor, we still coped," Úngellush Kolami confesses.

The end of the year holidays, having an increase in visitors and also the organization of activities in the restaurants of the southeast, will normally bring an increase in sales in the store. And in order to have the trust of the customers again, Lushi emphasizes that there will be offers in terms of prices, to stay closer to the customers but also to appreciate them on the occasion of the holidays.

"The great influx of people for the holidays has not started yet. More people are interested in anticipating the increase in prices, and are preparing. Every year we have come up with offers and we will definitely have them this year as well. For every holiday we as a store we made the prices with offers. We will have very good offers for all products at the end of this year as well. Korça has tourism, and I believe the bars will be full. We hope," he said.

Kolami Farm is a success story! A family business that was established more than 30 years ago, and that continues to this day to stay close to customers. Korça is known for its meat products that are very high quality and very favorite in every Korça family, not only for holidays but in everyday meals. To take advantage of the year-end offers, CNA HD provides you with the contact number of Kolam Angels, to make the right choice for the Christmas and New Year tables. 0682273422

Address: Korça City Ring Road, Thanas Floqi Street./ CNA

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