21 guitars together/ Korça, comes with a different greeting card

2023-12-17 19:19:00, Qyteti im CNA
21 guitars together/ Korça, comes with a different greeting card
This year, the guitar has been chosen as the symbol of Korça

Rarely this year, Korça has come with a different greeting card for the end of the year holidays. The guitar as a symbol of Korça, music and tradition has been selected to be part of such a special celebration which identifies it as a city by making 21 guitars together. Young artists, professionals and guitar enthusiasts have performed in the pedestrian area of ??the city, bringing a warm atmosphere. The artists part of this activity are happy to show that the passion and tradition of the city of serenades will continue.

"It's culture for me as Korça is known for serenades. I have been playing for 5 and a half years.", said one of the artists.

According to Blerta Belli, it is the first time that such a performance is organized not only in Korça, but for the first time in Albania, 21 guitars have been made together, why not continue this tradition, increasing from year to year.

"We start with tradition, with our history. For the first time we have 21 guitars, I hope they will increase in the following years.", said Blerta Belliu.

The reporter selected very carefully in this greeting card were the traditional ones of Kori Lira, that is, a heritage that personifies Korça.

“There are materials that are melodies created by our ancestors. They are traditional melodies," said Balliu.

This special musical celebration of Saturday night brought together many citizens who enjoyed the sounds of music while defying the cold temperatures./ CNA

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