A life with painting/ Sotiraq Kuqali, the carpenter who has dedicated his life to landscapes!

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A life with painting/ Sotiraq Kuqali, the carpenter who has dedicated his life

A passion that accompanied him throughout his life, from childhood until today, when he is 74 years old.

Sotiraq Kuqali is one of the most popular painters from Korça, he is best known for the fantastic landscapes he paints on canvas.

With hundreds of paintings made over the years, and so loved by art lovers. CNA TV brings to the viewers the profile of Kuqali, who has shown with great pleasure, his life and the spiritual connection he has with the painting.

"I started painting as a small child in the pioneer's house. After the pioneer's house, I continued the Artistic High School, and after that I continued my creativity over the years. Painting has become an inseparable part of myself. You cannot live without painting, not that you have material income, but that it is something spiritual, something that keeps you alive. I usually worked more landscapes, even still lifes, some portraits, but rather I painted landscapes, from Korça, the surroundings of Korça, Devolli , from the Pogradec area. I am lying in these ponds.

A life with painting/ Sotiraq Kuqali, the carpenter who has dedicated his life

The painter's experience outside Albania becomes interesting. Not only in neighboring countries like Greece, but also far away, as far as the United States of America. A series of open exhibitions with works so skillfully done by the painter.

"I also worked abroad, in America, where my daughter lives, I did several exhibitions there. Also in Greece, we had an activity with the Medieval Museum and we worked there for about 6 years. The experience was positive, in Greece we met foreign painters, we saw various exhibitions, but it was more or less the same in America. We have made a sufficient and complete professional school, with our professors who had studied in Europe and the world, from Italy, France, Russia ."

There are two techniques that the Kor?ar painter has chosen for his works, that of watercolor and acrylic, both very loved by Kuqali.

"I work on the landscape in two techniques, that of watercolor and acrylic. Acrylic is a painting that can be corrected, while watercolor is a technique where the primer is thrown and if it is touched for the second time, you have to remove it from the game. I have both preferred as a technique.

A life with painting/ Sotiraq Kuqali, the carpenter who has dedicated his life

I have various landscapes that are finished, but I have sent a good part of my work to the girl in America. Here I have different landscapes from Korça and its surroundings".

All the seasons of the year have their own characteristics according to the painter, atmospheric conditions affect his profession, however he has not stopped all these years. The situation regarding visitors remains difficult for Kuqali, as according to him they have been significantly reduced, both in shopping, but also simply to see his works.

"When you set out to paint, you must definitely have a goal of where you are going and what you are going to paint. A winter, autumn, spring, mountain, plain or coastal area, so you have to mark it and then choose the place. Conditions atmospheric conditions have affected, winter is very difficult because it is cold, while autumn and spring are calmer and warmer. As for summer, it is not much preferred because the color is oversaturated with green.

Buyers and my friends come to the studio from time to time, but the buyers are reduced and they don't come too close. And my friends come and see what I have done, exchanging ideas and opinions. There are not many tourists, rather they come from Tirana who are predisposed to see or buy something. Many years ago they came through my friends, I'm talking about the part of the art fields, not ordinary people."

A life with painting/ Sotiraq Kuqali, the carpenter who has dedicated his life

Sotiraq Kuqali emphasizes the spiritual importance of a painting, while also raising the concern over the years of the lack of a gallery, which is expected to be built soon in Korça. And this will normally also bring the movement of Korcar painters, bringing new exhibitions to the city.

"Painting has not been lost for those people who are, because they continue to work as I do. There is Roland Karanxha, the sons of the Museum, Proko and Kallço, there is also a school of painting, professors who deal with painting. More or less something moves. This period has was a dead period, in fact, because there was no exhibition space. Now the art gallery is being built in the former prefecture, and it is a positive thing that people will come in and out, they will also look at the Korça culture, because they are the works of the giants of Mio, Vangjush Tushi, and having an exhibition hall there will also be movement, because when you have nowhere to exhibit you remain in place. Young people, those who have a passion and love painting, must work, but they must know that painting is not for economic gain, but is a spiritual thing."

For years, the painter from Korça has had his modest studio in the city of Korça, where he spends most of his time, even being retired, he still does not leave behind his passion for landscapes. For all art lovers who are interested in seeing Kuqali's beautiful works, his studio is located on "1 Maji" street, in building no. 4. We also provide you with the contact number: 0696480693./ CNA TV

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