"A life in the kitchen"/Gjergji Milo reveals the secrets of his craft

2024-01-08 22:34:00, Qyteti im CNA
"A life in the kitchen"/Gjergji Milo reveals the secrets of his craft
George Milo

The city of Korça is known for its tradition and special culture, as well as for hundreds of well-known personalities in every field of life. The next character for Cna Tv viewers is one of the city's most famous chefs, Gjergji Milo. He welcomed us at his bar in Korça, and with great pleasure told us about the chef's craft. A profession inherited from his family and fortunately he is leaving it to his son.

Gjergji Milo has a life working as a chef, more specifically since 1980, and he has never given up his craft. Today he is 67 years old, retired, but continues to work in a rented space, and it seems that he is one of the favorites of Kor?ari. Gjergji shows us the beginnings of his craft, stressing that he really likes the work he has chosen to do.

"I took the culinary course in 1979-1980. From that year I graduated, I was a cook all the time. I worked at first in NFP Drenovë, then in tourism as a chef. Then democracy began and tourism was taken over I forced them to go private.

I inherited it from my mother, she was a cook and I followed her. I like it, the craft is good, I like it a lot."

The difficulties of the chef's profession are not few, but Gjergji says that he makes art and pleases his customers.

"It's very difficult, but if you have a little courage and courage you can do it. Our profession is very beautiful, it's an art above all. You have to deal with customers that you have to satisfy, you have to deal with the difficulties of work, with fire, water and gas you have to be very careful. You will definitely have incidents, but there are more positives than negatives."

Traditional dishes are the focus of Milos, who explains why he chose these dishes and how much they are loved by customers.

"I have relied more on traditional cooking. I like the young people who make those beautiful dishes, but I have stayed more traditional. I make breakfast with pacha, soup, pilaf, terhana, fried pancakes. Then it goes to the kitchen with meat casserole, tasqebap, soup with herbs, with meatballs, various. In the bar, they like stuffed spleen, casserole with korma or head. I work more to order, whatever the customer wants, I fulfill their wish."

For two years, he has rented an area in the city of Korça, in its 4th district, and has devoted himself entirely to cooking together with his wife and son.

"I've had this bar for 2 years, at first it was very deserted, but over time the work increased. Here I can also hold birthdays, baptisms, separations, and weddings for up to 70-80 people. Customers they were satisfied, almost all of them, because there might have been some small remark. It's a kitchen, even at home, no one is satisfied, saying there was too little salt or too much sauce."

Although 67 years old, Gjergji Milo has no intention of giving up his craft and says that he will continue to work until he has the opportunity. Fortunately, his son is also taking up the craft and this makes the chef the most happy.

"Today I am 67 years old, as long as my hands and feet work, I will not retire from my profession. I am leaving my profession to my son, he enjoys it and I come to help him because I am retired. Slowly my son is inheriting it as a profession, today's youth it's a little difficult to work with the internet and see the beautiful things. We're used to other things, but the boy is happy that it's going well."

There are also many customers who come from outside Korça to have breakfast at Gjergji's restaurant.

"Tourists come, park their cars and return here, always during the behar period. They mostly attend breakfast because they come for breakfast and breakfast items, lunch comes back with a restaurant menu, dinner as a type of tavern with snacks and fast food."

Gjergji Milo is an example of a hardworking man, who follows the Korça tradition in the dishes he offers in his restaurant. For all those interested, the address of the bar is in district 4 of the city of Korça, in the area called "Rruga e Shetro". In addition, we also provide the phone number for any organization that you can organize near this bar./ CNA

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