Carnivals of Pojan/ Millenary pagan tradition

2024-01-08 11:01:00, Qyteti im CNA

Carnivals of Pojan/ Millenary pagan tradition

An early and very special tradition is the Carnival of Pojan, otherwise called the "Rite of the Streets". This thousand-year-old pagan rite preserved in this area takes place every January 7, the day after the celebration of the Holy Water.

This tradition was interrupted in 1968 after the destruction of the cult objects and returned again in the 90s.

According to the organizer Klajdi Lulollari, for 4 years the Pojani Patriotic Cultural Association in cooperation with the Bozofce Illyrian Carnival Cultural Association in the Sharri Mountains have signed an agreement to expand cooperation in the future to develop cultural tourism.

The characters of this rite are: the Bride, the Groom, the Old Woman, the Old Man, the Bear, Markoja who hold the corpses in their hands as a message of kindness.

Neshat Mehmedi, the chairman of the Tetovo Carnival Association, has come to Pojan for the second year. It shows almost the same carnival rituals. The purpose of this rite, according to Mehmed, is to revive memory by taking us back to our Illyrian-Pellazian roots. According to him, there should be support from the institutions for their development.

The carnival gathered the residents of the area in the center of the village, where streetwalkers then went to each residence to ward off evil. The scary costumes are preserved from generation to generation by the residents themselves and are mainly prepared with animal skins, but there are also costumes that are prepared by the young people who are part of this pagan rite every year. These celebrations symbolically drive away evil and fear and ironize the reality we live in./ CNA

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