Vila Muslli, a welcoming guesthouse in Korça

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Vila Muslli, a welcoming guesthouse in Korça

Family tourism has embraced the young people of Korça, who have not thought of leaving this city, but have chosen to invest and expand their businesses. This is the case of the Muslli family, where one of the sons of this family, Desjan Muslli, decided to first build a modest restaurant with traditional dishes, and then expanded his business by creating a guesthouse to welcome visitors.

In Villa Muslli we find a variety of services, both in the traditional Korça cuisine, as well as in the very special and warm accommodation.

Desjan Muslli tells CNA TV the first steps he and his brother took to create the restaurant and then the guesthouse.

Vila Muslli, a welcoming guesthouse in Korça

"Vila Muslli is a family business, which was created by customer requests. Before we had a smaller grill type business with products from our farm. From the increase in requests to add meat products and traditional cooking, we created an environment the biggest that started with a restaurant. We introduced all the traditional dishes, we created the most traditional environment for Korça, warm with a wooden interior, like a brewery. We all work as a family. The farm was created about 12 years ago, with pork, and to sell more meat, we first created a pork grill shop, then we created our llukanik, meatballs and Korçe sausages. Then we expanded to include beef."

Seeing the growing demands of tourists, who enjoyed traditional food and were looking for accommodation, Desjani thought of expanding the family activity, bringing 7 rooms furnished down to detail, with the predominance of wood and stone elements, choosing a fireplace for them. made the stay as warm and familiar as possible.

Vila Muslli, a welcoming guesthouse in Korça

"In the part of the hotel, after the creation of the restaurant, we had requests from customers for hotel services, as Korça developed a lot of tourism. It was previously a residential house and we thought of turning it into a guest house for customers. We succeeded, we have been working with local and foreign visitors, we also provide this service and we are satisfied. We have 7 rooms, which are for couples and families, we have a suite and an apartment that has 2 rooms inside for families. The rooms are warm and we have stayed traditional more by introducing the element of wood according to the place we live in. We have a room with a fireplace that suits the city of Korça."

What tourists choose in Korça is precisely the gastronomy. A Korchar tradition that includes hundreds of types of meat, dough and dairy products. Desjani, as the chef, has made sure that none of the traditional dishes offered by the southeastern city are missing from the customers' tables.

Vila Muslli, a welcoming guesthouse in Korça

"In the kitchen of Vila Muslli, there are more or less traditional products, which are included in the grill, oven, cabbage with two noodles. I am the chef, and then my brother and mother. I cannot share the food. more special and less special, they are all liked. Foods are products like goat meat, grilled and oven, to make it more special we created this part of the oven. Even heifers on skewers are preferred, beef, the llukanikan that we produce ourselves, homemade meatballs, krnace, dried pancakes. We have different cheeses from the dairy and sauces, such as tirokafteri, marinated and made by us."

Two of the most special dishes, sought after by Korcarians and tourists, are lamb offal dishes and wild duck casserole. For the viewers, Desjani shows in detail the special features of both dishes and the way of preparation.

Vila Muslli, a welcoming guesthouse in Korça

"The dish we are cooking is lamb's offal, which we have marinated in a pan and extinguished with wine. The 'tigania' dish is quite a favorite and many customers ask for it. It is traditional, I believe it is cooked everywhere, but each it has its share of preparation. We're loving it so far."

"These dishes are dishes with wild duck, which the customers ordered outside and we prepared with kritharaq. I don't know if it can be found in any other restaurant in Korça, but they can find it here. The dishes are made to order, 1 hour before, as and casserole with noodles, kritharaq, pilaf, country chicken and duck, it depends on the customer's preferences."

Among other things, the chef shows that all meals can be consumed at Villa Muslli, starting with the breakfast that is part of the accommodation package, and continuing with the variety of the lunch and dinner menu, depending on the preferences of the customers.

"At Vila Muslli, we offer all meals, from the breakfast that includes the hotel, pancakes, eggs. Also, all products at lunch, at the restaurant, as I mentioned meat products and pastries, and dinner also according to requests. The comments have have been very positive, we are satisfied with the customers, as well as they are with us."

Vila Muslli, a welcoming guesthouse in Korça

There have been many local and foreign visitors who choose Villa Muslli to spend a few days of vacation, but also during the end-of-year holidays, as well as the summer season.

"The seasons when there were many tourists were during the end of the year holidays, December - January, as well as during the summer starting from June to September. The tourists are Albanians and foreigners. Most of the foreigners were Greeks, Lithuanians, English, Italians Albanians are from Tirana, central Albania, from different cities."

Vila Muslli is located at the entrance to the city of Korça, at the roundabout called Globi. In addition to the family environment, warmth and comfort, as well as the rich menu of traditional dishes, this guesthouse also offers delivery service to customers. CNA TV provides you with the contact number for restaurant and hotel reservations. 069 669 7999

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Address: Lagjja 9, Thanas Floqi street, Korçë./ CNA TV

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