Aleks Xhelili, the Cologne master of the clarinet/ How the passion for traditional music began

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Aleks Xhelili, the Cologne master of the clarinet/ How the passion for

Cologne, with its very special traditions and culture, has produced quite remarkable historical figures over the years, not only in the war period, but also in the artistic aspect. CNA TV brings a very interesting report about the well-known clarinetist Aleks Xhelili, an added value of this area, who is leaving his mark on popular music.

Today, he is among the most popular Albanian musicians, participating in many concerts and cultural activities held in Albania and abroad, while practicing the profession of clarinet teacher at the music school "Tefta Tashko Koço" in Korçë.

The clarinet master has gladly agreed to be part of our reports, telling a lot about his artistic life. Initially, he showed the starting point of his relationship with the clarinet instrument and popular music.

"As Lexi, I don't have any special story from other people, I have a simple story. I started the clarinet at the age of 14, but I started music at the age of 5. Until the age of 14 I studied the accordion, then I started with the clarinet, I graduated from the music school "Tefta Tashko Koço" in 1982. Then I graduated from the University of Arts and in 1988 I graduated and hold the title of clarinetist. Since then, my debut has been not only within my district, but also in Korça, where I am currently a clarinet class teacher preparing students who debut on stage, for the music market. I am also active in concerts, between two worlds, both classical and popular music. At the same time, I am active in the production of CDs, dances, folk songs, with well-known singers, such as Ermira Babaliu, Vaske Curri, who have made 3 albums."

Aleks Xhelili, the Cologne master of the clarinet/ How the passion for

Almost 60 years old, but with such a passion that age doesn't matter at all. His spiritual connection with the clarinet is indescribable.

"My connection with the clarinet is getting stronger and stronger, I'm turning 60 today, and if I can't play at least 2 hours a day, I feel a big void. As far as learning the instrument goes, it's not too hard not to learn. But, every instrument needs talent, work, will to learn, even the clarinet requires the same principles. I have not lacked either will, talent or work, especially the work that I have achieved so far in the music market."

Since 2001, Aleksi has been working as a teacher in Korça, where he says that he has trained dozens of students who are passionate about the clarinet, and that he proudly says that he has succeeded in making them artists of the music market in Albania.

"Since 2001, I have taken the clarinet class at the music school in Korça. I have trained dozens of students, I proudly mention their names, from Gani Shahinasi, Nexhildo Sula, Bruno Purbollari, Mikelian Killo, Gjergji Ibrahimi, Tomi Xhelili, and many others who are debuting and are very active in the music market. In terms of embracing popular music, the younger generation loves it, and you have to know how to inject it into them.”

Popular and even classical music is an integral part of Djelil's life. While we ask him which he would choose between the two genres, Aleksi laughingly says that popular music is in his soul. And this is due to the fact that he inherited it from the family, emphasizing the great values ??of the folklore of Cologne.

Aleks Xhelili, the Cologne master of the clarinet/ How the passion for

"To say both, I can't say, because I look like a child who is asked 'who do you love more, mom or dad?', but I like popular music more. I have it in my soul, I have it from my family, my uncle, my uncles, I grew up with popular music. Cologne is unique in its folklore, two other factors influence it, such as the fact that it is surrounded by two areas with a great musical tradition, such as Korça and Leskoviku. At the same time you get, learn and be educated from the best. Cologne has a very rich folklore, and the gold of this folklore is not the saze, but the historical folklore, because it has endured and seen a lot of pain and history. As for the saz, here came a clarinet player, Vangjel Poda Janushi, who is the honor of our city, a meritorious artist, a master of the clarinet and violin. With his talent, he built the tracks and left his mark, I am continuing the same today, competing with Leskovik and Korca."

Throughout his many years of career, Alex Xhelili has been honored with many titles, one of the most important and special for him is the title "Virtuoso of the Festival". Normally, the activities in Albania are part of the master's career, but there are also many activities in Europe, America and Canada, which will remain long in his memory.

Aleks Xhelili, the Cologne master of the clarinet/ How the passion for

Strong emotions, indescribable sensations, great work and sacrifice, which for Alex have been worth it, making him very popular with the public. He shows one of the most beautiful memories in Spain, where the whole audience shouted "Viva Albania" in chorus.

"I have participated since 1988 until today, in all the national festivals of Gjirokastra, and everywhere I have been honored with prizes, until I received the title "Virtuoso of the festival". In addition, all the national meetings of sazs, folk orchestrations, all but one festival that I was on the jury, I did not compete. Civic, classical music concerts, chamber music concerts, inside Albania, and many festivals in Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Holland, Portugal, France, Spain, America, Australia, Canada. Sorry I forgot London too. The most special one is in Palma de Mallorca, in the final concert we started with A, Albania. And the moment when the director of the show, the great Dhimitër Orgocka, built the show so that I could start it with solo clarinet, with Osman Taka's famous dance. About 14 seconds I started, I went on stage in front of 40,000 people in a stadium, where they do bull races, and as soon as I started playing the clarinet, a big flag opened and a crowd of people shouted "Viva Albania". I took heart there and it has remained in my memory, it is one of the most impressive concerts."

Aleks Xhelili's creativity is not only related to the clarinet and popular music, but also to the creation of CDs in the music market, and here it is worth noting that Aleksi was among the first in this aspect.

Aleks Xhelili, the Cologne master of the clarinet/ How the passion for

He shows some of the albums he has finalized with prominent Albanian singers, while not forgetting to mention Josif Minga, as his idol and biggest help in life.

"I am now preparing because this year I turn 60 years old, and I want to do a beautiful concert, with all my creativity, but my consultant and thinker, how should I say my leader, is the great professor Josif Minga, whom I thank for staying with me always by my side, and doesn't let me take a wrong step. Despite the fact that I was his first student, and I remain his student, we still work very well together. At the moment we are working on a beautiful kaba. I am one of the first to participate in the CD music market, I made the first album with my creativity, with dances and wedding songs from the southern region. I made three albums with Vaskë Currin, 1 album with Refjane Maksuti, a very good singer, 1 album with Ermira Babaliu, 2 albums with Robert Tralo, who is my friend, and some new debutants who are not very big names, but that are on the market.”

Alex Xhelili, the clarinet master, is the best example of the great work and sacrifices an artist can make for himself, and above all to leave this beautiful profession in the hands of young people. The Cologne clarinetist can be considered the most prominent artist of this area, who gives more and more sensations and emotions from the clarinet instrument every day./ CNA

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