Why should SPAK deal with the McGonigal affair?

2023-09-23 17:57:00, Aktualitet Elvi FUNDO

Why should SPAK deal with the McGonigal affair?

According to US media, former senior FBI official Charles McGonigal has accepted the charges.

He has cooperated with justice, admitting that he received money from Albanian citizens , who according to the published investigation are being searched as "Person A" and "Person B".

The former head of counterintelligence at the FBI has admitted that he received the money to lobby against the opposition or to open investigations into the source of crime money for payments made in the USA by Lulzim Basha, in a total of about 1,025,000 dollars.

The payments were for a photo with President Donald Trump.
McGonigal has not discovered this fact about Lulzim Basha. This fact emerges from the official statements made by Nick Muzin, the American lobbyist who was paid by Lulzim Basha and who made his statements to the Department of Justice.

In the USA, there is talk of corruption and the former American official made the deal, calculating the punishment as a result of the deal . This nature of agreements underlies the need that American institutions have and their effort to preserve the image of the FBI, but the fact remains that the former deputy head of the FBI, that is, McGonigal, has admitted that he was bribed by two citizens Albanians, received money from one of them and so on.

It is a fact that McGonigal was paid, that is, used against the opposition. But we make both arguments without separating them and in parallel.
Lulzim Basha is not innocent in this story!

McGonigal was bribed by Albanian officials, but Lulzim Basha committed his crime and although he was investigated once as the chairman of the party who did not declare the expenses to the CEC, to this day neither he nor others have been investigated and it has become clear where the money, money, and dollars that Lulzim Basha paid Nick Muzin came from.

SPAK should investigate and file a case against McGonigal.

The question arises: What should SPAK investigate?

SPAK should investigate not au guana or not money, but:

- Who and why paid McGonigal to work against the opposition?

- What are his political connections and what have they benefited in Albania

McGonigal or the officials and individuals who paid the latter?
Because here we are dealing with a pure case of corruption and SPAK must investigate it.

-Has Afron Neza benefited from something in Albania, in exchange for the money he spent on McGonigal? So, what is the benefit he received for the service he did to the Socialist Party or the Albanian Government?

The SPAK should investigate the corruption accepted by McGonigal in the USA for the part that belongs to the Albanian citizens involved in the affair, as well as for the rewards offered in our country.

SPAK should investigate whether the oil wells about which there are public accusations are true or not.

Has Agron Neza benefited? Or worse yet, have Russian nationals benefited from the exchange of favors that began with Neza's transfers to McGonigal?

Has Dorian Ducka benefited?

What does the latter have to do with the shows they have with Damian Gjiknuri, with high officials of the SP? How does the truth stand? This should be investigated by SPAK.

That we had a case of corruption of McGonigal, this was shown by the investigation done in the USA, where corruption is also talked about and accepted. What should be investigated is the corruption that happened in Albania, the corruption that happened from the cooperation with Agron Neza and Dorian Du?ka, the corruption that happened with the officials of the Albanian state. And SPAK should investigate this.

And along with the McGonigal case, the issue of the payments made by Lulzim Basha should also be opened.

This is because the file has been closed at the request of the prosecutors because the source of income that Lulzim Basha had to pay 1,025,000 dollars to take a photo with Donald Trump was not found.
Just as Nick Muzin had declared in the USA, Lulzim Basha should have declared in Albania, the prosecution said at the time, but the case was dismissed. Today we are facing new facts and evidence. There was corruption and this is what the US institutions tell us, which have caught their official.

We now need that parallel to the investigation into McGonigal's corruption in Albania, the prosecutors reopen the case of funds, where did Lulzim Basha find the money to take the picture with Donald Trump?

That's $1,025,000 still unaccounted for. This is where the political debate begins and ends, and this is where justice begins. Lulzim Basha could not emerge as the hero who suffered the consequences of a corrupt lobbying. That corrupt lobbying had the victory in its pocket because the "lobbyists" could easily prove that Lulzim Basha had taken out of his pocket over 1 million dollars but personal advertising photos.

So, justice is needed on the one hand for the corruption of the people who paid McGonigal, their benefits and the abuse that may have been done or the benefits they may have received from the Albanian Government.
On the other hand, the disclosure of where Lulzim Basha's 1,025,000 dollars came from. Both of these are classified as corruption of high officials and politicians and should be investigated by SPAK.

Albanian justice cannot close its eyes, cannot close its ears in front of the truths that are being told publicly, not only by the US justice system, but also in the highest institutions of that country, up to the American Congress and Senate, where a full investigation of this corrupt case is being demanded, while in Albania they are silent and no one is investigating the corruption with McGonigal, who was paid to conduct investigations and find out what was the source of Lulzim Basha's money, which had been declared in the US by Nick Muzin.

In Albania, SPAK should open the file, expose the corruption, reveal the truth, since the corruption was not only committed in the USA, the money was paid by the Albanians, who according to the self-declarations of McGonigal and the American law enforcement institutions, had direct benefits and connections with Albania. / CNA

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