The media gang and journalists at the service of the incinerators are expanding

2023-05-05 17:18:00, Denoncim CNA

The media gang and journalists at the service of the incinerators are expanding

Mirel Mërtiri, known as the mastermind of the incinerators, has already begun to expand the group of journalists he uses to negotiate with the media by buying and paying, but also by blackmailing others for those who talk about the incinerator affair.

In partnership with "Top Channel", using "Top News", having as a servant Endrit Habilajn, whom CNA has discovered with facts, his trips to Vienna, a new element has already been added.

A journalist, servant of the affairs of people close to Prime Minister Edi Rama, one of the people of the scandalous Dorian Ducka, involved in the McGonigal scandal, who was also rewarded with shares from Rama's former adviser in one of Tirana's casinos, is now part of of the media criminal group, which collaborates with the incinerators, their people, Mirel Mërtir and others to attack, blackmail and buy silence and attacks regarding the incinerator affair.

The strategy is clear, whoever does not remain silent is attacked, others are bought. Whoever accepts the money forgives silence. You are also given jobs in televisions with their partners. That's what happened recently.

The person mentioned above, who has already turned into a recruiter together with Endrit Habilaj, has started calling investigative journalists, asking them to cooperate, or to go to Vienna to talk to Mirel Mërtiri. So, a criminal case, which SPAK has before its eyes, together with many other documents and facts of this case that CNA will publish in the future.

There were also journalists who traveled to Vienna and met with Mërtiri to set up the media strategy, against specific names.

The media group of incinerators is expanding, it is already known, the goal is clear. They want to have an ending. The cover is placed on the affair with the head of Arben Ahmetaj, and with the diving of the tiger, everything is closed. Mireli and the river money for the Tirana landfill without an incinerator to continue without any problems. The company founded by Klodian Zoto, whose shadow and brain is Mirel Mërtiri, should continue to be paid.

It is well known who is ustai, who is cirak and what role Klodian Zoto had, who is the role of Mirel Mërtir, who is the "brain" of the incinerators.

Media mercenaries and partners, including "Top Channel" and Endrit Habilajn and others who are already serving and becoming part of a structured criminal group that daily benefit from the taxes of poor Albanians, which they robbed from an incinerator , that does not exist in Tirana and that we are currently seeing that the group is expanding. It's expanding with a purpose.

What the Albanians heard in a video of another scandalous journalist, who talked about how the fines were imposed, how the public perception was created, it was enough to catch something and the attack began and the accusations, even if they were false, the perception was important.

This is what Mirel Mërtiri is trying to do, to buy the silence of the majority of journalists and some of them who have weight in the media market, to pay them for their silence. Attack others, accuse them of being bought by a tiger or a shark.

In fact, the real kuçedra is the incinerator of Tirana, which devours millions of euros from the taxes of poor Albanians and for the first 5-6 years it should have invested 128 million euros and today there is currently no incinerator in Tirana, after 6 years of investments, and the company has earned approximately $30 million.

The group of journalists who are sold and bought is expanding, the recruiters are expanding and now SPAK can not only have one, but even more journalists in the service of Mirel Mërtir and the gang of incinerators in the media. 

A structured criminal group from the incinerators to their minions in the media.

This group is seeking to cover up the tracks and the full disclosure of the truth about the incinerators, to save Mertir, shouting how good the waste treatment reforms are in Albania and the accusations about the incinerators are purely political.

How little lek do Albanians pay and how many millions of euros does Mirel Mërtiri and his people earn who, the criminal group in the media does not care about, they are serving by taking bribes of corruption from the money that is distributed in the media to buy silence and to blackmail and threaten those who tell the truth./CNA.al


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