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"The incinerator as a crematorium"/ Boçi: Should we be silent when we have been sentenced to death?

2023-04-29 16:41:00, Denoncim CNA

"The incinerator as a crematorium"/ Boçi: Should we be silent

The Elbasan incinerator has been under repair for several months due to technical defects.

CNA has denounced that the incinerator of Elbasan is not functional a long time ago and this has been confirmed by the mayor of Elbasan, Gledjan Llatja.

During this time, urban waste in Elbasan is being sent to an illegal landfill by the river Shkumbin, where it is being burned.

The deputy of the Democratic Party, Luciano Boçi, has again denounced this affair, pointing out the negative effects that the burning of garbage in this incinerator brings to the citizens.

He also emphasized the stages in which the regular waste incineration process had to be developed.

"The incinerator as a crematorium

Should we be silent when we have been sentenced to death?

In February 2018, Environmental Engineers and waste processing experts, Stefan Schatz and Lulzim Baumann showed the human tragedy that is expected to occur from waste incineration samples in Elbasan, Fier and Tirana.

Lulzim Baumann (Zela) has drawn up the scientific study on the import of waste in Albania. Engineer Stefan Schatz has planned the construction of most of the landfills in southern Germany.

The meeting where these facts were revealed was organized by the Organization Against Garbage Import. According to the German engineer, the study done in collaboration with the German National Environment Agency, with Transparency International and Zero Waste Europe lists 5 main points why this massacre should be stopped.

The experts of the association of recyclers in Germany "German RETech Partnership" have developed a concept with 5 stages in which waste management takes place. Based on the assessment of the European Commission, the conclusion is that Albania is still in the first phase of waste management.

The first stage is the uncontrolled deposit. The collection of materials for recycling is done mostly in a formal way without respecting the basic principles of hygiene and environmental protection.

The second phase is also the phase where waste management begins regularly. Systematic, regulated and reliable collection and the establishment of properly managed landfills constitute the first step in the development of the waste management sector...

The third stage involves the separate collection of waste.

The fourth phase includes the expansion of the recycling industry, gas production and what remains goes to incinerators.

The fifth phase is the circular economy where the waste is considered as the source where the majority is recycled, the remaining part is used for energy recovery and only non-burnable waste and ashes go to the landfill", he writes in a post on social networks./CNA.al


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