Fiks Fare/ Peshtan, the village where there are more teachers than students

2023-04-28 21:08:24, Denoncim CNA

Fiks Fare/ Peshtan, the village where there are more teachers than students

Fiks Fare has often dealt with villages that are being depopulated, moving to cities or more developed areas.

Such is the case of the village of Peshtan in Tepelena. The migration of the population has been going on for years and years, and those who can afford it still migrate from village to village. The story was in the 9-year old school of this village, where surprisingly there are more teachers than students. Perhaps a rare case, but true.

The school has only two common classes, with a total of 5 students. Respectively, 1 first and third grade with two students, and the other seventh and eighth grade with three students. Meanwhile, these students are taught by six teachers on certain days.

When asked by Fiksi, the teachers say that they teach in other villages as well, but that in Peshtan there are only 5 students, and these are due to the parents' inability to move.

Fiksi was interested in the Tepelen Education Office, where the director Shkëlqim Imeraj affirms that this is true and that teachers are supplemented with lessons in other villages as well. The school of Peshtani, which has two cycles where the director definitely adds, must have the teaching process done by a specialist teacher.

Asked by Fiksi that perhaps it would be better for these children to be provided with a tool to make the school in the city, the director affirms that they do not have any tool at their disposal. But the worst thing is that in that area there is no public transport that was paid for by the education office. So the Peshtan school will continue to have 6 teachers and 5 students, but at least the good thing is that the teaching is done by a specialist teacher of each subject./ tch

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